The afternoon of December 27, 2016, Lee driving a Cadillac car at the age of 35, took one family, along the South Bank of the route to the direction of travel of Jiulongpo, traveling to the Egongyan bridge, the mobile phone rang, turned out to be a friend

Xuzhou, a company set top traffic police speed 2 km

The morning of June 30th nine, in Xiamen Wuyuan bridge, a bridge is working on highway maintenance workers was a car Zhuangfei, unfortunately killed on the spot.

[Hunan Yizhang territory of a passenger bus caught fire caused heavy casualties] Xinhua 26 from eyewitness in Hunan Province, Yizhang county government departments in Hunan province and the fire department confirmed that, on the morning of 26, a passenger

Pan Yue, Jiang Long special correspondent reports: June 16th, airborne mechanized regiment a military tactical exercises in the hinterland of Dabie Mountain, a car in the water tank paratrooper waves, with a "boom", the first shot hit the target accuratel

Video from the scene, in a few meters around the place, the car debris everywhere, almost every part of the debris from the collapse of the. These questions are still waiting for the answer...... Qilu network reporter from the Changle Public Security Bure

In late June 8th 21 when Xu Jia Zhen, Ergalesaihan Tengger economic and Technological Development Zone, a major accident occurred, causing the death of a 68 year old woman. In the accident occurred second days after 12 noon, one from the Tengeryn traffic

Shadow cube is a mini camera, can be a video camera, more mobile detection and infrared night vision function, can be used as a driving recorder, personal recorder

Yesterday morning at 10:26, in the Hanjiang River in Hanyang section of Heshan, fast flowing water.

On May 14, users in broke Kunming "broke the news, said: in Kunming City Choi Wan Road, shooting to a car traveling in the motor vehicle lane car by children driving," the behind with a hint of a man wearing glasses. Saying here, the reporter for everyone

At nightfall on May 14, 2016, Zhengzhou road, Longtan District, Jilin City, Jilin Province a refueling station adjacent to the stands of roadside signal tower collapsed, a car traveling white Pentium private cars hit the spot. The vehicle was hit by a sig

On the morning of April 29, Yubei District of Ms. Wang drove over a hen, being chicken owner claims 200 yuan, on the grounds that feelings with chicken, Ms. Wang refused to accept then call 110.

Guangzhou intermediate people's court is gradually changing to show evidence to show the evidence to show the evidence, the quality of evidence. According to the statistics of the Guangzhou intermediate people's court, in 2015, the Dean, vice president, m

Recently, some users to capture a Daniel and a car coming the "luxury car" appeared in the Beijing East sanhuan a group photo. Tidal wave of God with the combination of the car, instantly detonated passers-by onlookers.

April 16th 17, Changan unmanned vehicles arrived in Beijing. In the total trip of nearly 2000 km long distance real road test, Changan driverless cars withstand long curved bridge tunnel terrain, hilly areas and plain areas of various complex road test, t

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