Source: Author cow playing Micro Signal: Cattle piano (a) This is a dangerous signal. While the gorgeous patterns and aerial texts of drones in many parts of China are still amazing; in the Middle East, drones are increasingly launching deadly military attacks. In a sense, this marked the war

The Business Insider website reports that mysterious drone groups have often appeared over Colorado and Nebraska since December 23. These drones are about 1.8 meters in size, with up to 30 aircraft moving together. About six counties in both states

The Spring Festival is coming to an end. I believe that many people have bought a train ticket to go home. No matter how busy it is, they can't stop the pace of going home. What are you going to pack in your suitcase? Cigarettes, liquor, lighters, edible oil electric toys, power banks, cosmetics meats, seafood, self-heating food drones, balancing cars, hamsters & amp; hellip; & amp;

Recently, the customs inspection officer of the Shuangliu Airport Customs at Chengdu Customs conducted a machine inspection of a Chinese passenger from Dubai and found that the machine inspection image showed an abnormality. So he opened the box and found that a full box was full. Human hair, black or brown, straight or bent. & amp; ua

On November 3, Heilongjiang Radio Regulatory Department confiscated drone interference equipment at a pig farm, which affected the flight safety of civil aviation passenger aircraft. On December 19, the pig farm responded that a drone had been found over the factory area before fearing that someone would launch the virus through the drone. The County Animal Husbandry Bureau responded that

As one of the top players in the drone industry, EHang Intelligent (NASDAQ: EH) officially landed on NASDAQ on December 12. Compared to another drone giant DJI entangled in the Pearl River Delta, Ehang is obviously much more enthusiastic about listing. This is also easy to understand, DJI is not keen on listing

In February of this year, police in Fremont, California, relied on a DJI drone to locate and bring a deaf and dumb boy who was missing at night and unstable. DJI hopes that stories like this can alleviate growing suspicion, increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, and threats to China-US relations.

[Global Network Reporting Reporter Wang Boyaqi] A number of Russian media reported on December 2 that two U.S. Air Force Global Hawk strategic drones reconnaissance for several hours near Russian airspace that day. It is worth noting that according to Russian Interfax news agency, on November 19

Since the launch of DJI's Royal Mavic series products, drones have officially entered the list of toys for poor people like Jiguojun. Some time ago, a foreign company selling trucks released a video of a drone holding a truck to attract our attention. This video is very technological and makes people feel that a new era is coming.

Early this morning, Ubisoft's official Weibo post announced that a new copy of "Ghost Recon: Breakpoints" was announced. The Titan Project will be online soon, and a new copy of the promotional video will be released. Take a look. Your browser does not support this video. This video does not reveal much news. You can see the main video through the video.

[World Wide Web Military Report] According to a report on the website of the Popular Machinery magazine on November 24, researchers from the California Institute of Technology and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory are developing ideas, and they want to use a novel way Enable rapid launches of military drones, and they

[Global Network Reporter Xu Weiming] According to Fox News, on November 23, the US military announced on November 22 that the US military lost a drone over the Libyan capital of Tripoli. The report said that the drone was not equipped with weapons. American Africa Division

[Global Network Reporter Xu Yuming] After the Iranian Global Hawk Improvement UAV (Navy's MQ-4C Poseidon UAV) was shot down over the Strait of Hormuz, the US Department of Defense is considering the US Air Force. Two-thirds of the global eagle unmanned reconnaissance

US military RQ-4B Global Hawk UAV overseas network map overseas network November 20 news, integrated Russian Central Television, Russia Lenda News Network on the 19th news, the US Air Force deployed the first two strategic drones RQ-4B global Hawk no Man-machine and one

Happy to buy a new house, the developer said that there are thousands of acres of wetlands! Who knows that after the money has been discovered, it is not a "wetland" or a "corpse land"! Playing drones found around the cemetery a few months ago, some consumers in Nanchang, Jiangxi, bought a house on the Huiren Avenue in Nanchang County. Before buying real estate

What was the experience of a military drone suddenly crashing near home? Today Russia (RT) reported such an astonishing news on the 16th: In the afternoon, a Russian military drone was in Listvyanka near Ryazan, Russia (Listvyanka

At the end of October, Dajiang released the new Mavic Mini, a small, lightweight entry-level drone. The geek's choice (Micro Signal GeekChoice) was also reported in the first time. At the time, the article was also announced to everyone, we will continue after

Although the drone is good, but many people buy home will go to the end of the ash. In addition to a variety of factors to consider, it is one of the factors that can be done without knowing the aerial photography. If your drone is also eating ash for a long time, then here is a new way of playing, hoping to reactivate your curiosity.

The safe flight problem of drone aerial photography is a problem that cannot be ignored by various drone manufacturers. As the leading enterprise in the current aerial drone market, DJI has recently developed a new mobile phone application for monitoring drones. Anyone using any mobile phone can track and monitor nearby drones. Foreign media DroneDJ

On the evening of October 30th, Dajiang officially released the Mavic Mini, the "little brother" of the Mavic family. The love fan also released the first experience. In the next few days, we observed a lot of drone players on Weibo and WeChat.

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