Deep sound original · Author|Aachen Core Want to point What is the financial situation of the eggshell apartment, what is the business situation? What is the new lease model? What is the difference between eggshells? Is long-term rental apartment a good business? Around 2015, it was the Internet + boom that was the most embarrassing

The original title "Long-term rental apartment listing second shot: occupancy rate 90% still losing money, business logic is still established? "Every room does not lose three or four thousand dollars, I am willing to tell others that I am a long-term rental apartment? For the 21st day after the submission of the prospectus by Qingke Apartment to the SEC, the long-rent apartment brand eggshell

Investment community (WeChat ID: pedaily2012) October 29 news, eggshell apartment has officially submitted a prospectus to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange, stock code DNK. The prospectus shows that the IPO has been raised

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