At 5:46 on the morning of November 14, the 71-year-old Jingjiang citizen was suddenly knocked down by a two-wheeled vehicle traveling from north to south when passing the zebra crossing from west to east at the intersection of Huaxin Street on the 345 National Road. After the accident, the two-wheeler owner did not have no on-site rescue, but

Not long ago, foreign media reported that the German government plans to increase the existing electric vehicle subsidy by 50% and the subsidy ceiling to 6,000 euros per vehicle to accelerate the development of local new energy vehicles. The subsidy will be borne by half of the car manufacturers and dealers, and the other half by the government. New meter

Modern Express News (correspondent Wang Zhen, reporter Li Weihao) At 4 o'clock in the morning of November 13, a number of electric vehicles in the residential building of Huxi Yayuan, Quanshan District, Xuzhou City, caught fire. After receiving the alarm, the second squadron of the fire special service dispatched the rescue. After the squadron arrived, it was found that there was an electric...

Modern Express News (communicator Gong Zhaofeng Zhang Tianyi reporter Lin Qingzhi) Good man amp … … On November 12, 73-year-old Liu uncle (chemical name) came to the duty station of Zhenjiang Helin Police Station and thanked the police . More than half a month ago, positive

The map comes from the network recently. The Second People's Hospital of Hunan Province received a girl who was riding a shared car and caused a vulvar injury. The 20-year-old Xiao Li is a college student. She usually goes to school to ride a shared electric car back to the dormitory. On November 8th, Xiao Li went to the evening to prepare for riding an electric car back to the dormitory.

The rapid development of battery technology is expected to accelerate the pace of global energy transformation and solve the "climate crisis" of human beings. In the first half of 2019 alone, the investment in battery technology exceeded $1.4 billion, and the steady investment in battery manufacturing and the steady development of technology is likely to make us at 2030.

A young girl in the suburbs in the late autumn night is standing alone on the platform and waiting for a bus. A stranger passes by and sees that he wants to send the girl home. The story takes place on November 5th, at the Huafeng Driving School outside the north ring of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. A remote bus stop on the outskirts of the city 2

On November 4th, a man from Zhejiang Jinhua rode an electric car on the road without wearing a helmet. After being stopped, the man argued that he had just combed his hair in the morning and the helmet was completely collapsed. The traffic police domineering answer, the hair is good to look at, and there is no helmet important! In the end, the man was sent to the police for not wearing a helmet.

IT House November 6th News At noon today, Harbin travel officially announced that it has opened the Tmall flagship store, the main business includes selling electric cars, renting electric cars and selling around Harbin. The store interface shows that the name of the Tmall flagship store is the Harbin car service electric car flagship store.

When it comes to theft, it is usually stealing money or stealing expensive jewelry. Have you ever seen stealing this thing? Recently, the police in the southern district of Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province successfully captured a quirky thief, and smashed high-heeled shoes 180 pairs in one year! On October 27, the victim, Ms. Wang

At 4:20 pm on November 3, a traffic accident occurred near the Oaks Square in Dufu Road, Yuelu District, Changsha. According to the on-site monitoring, a shared car suddenly rushed out and collided with an electric car that was coming in a vertical direction. The people on the car flew out. then,

On-site surveillance video & uarr; today (November 3) at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, a fan broke into the mango city and said that a shared car near the Oaks Fun Square in Changsha Hexi Duxi Road suddenly lost control and collided with another electric vehicle. Someone was injured at the booth next to the scene. According to the witnesses at the scene.

Honda’s recent heat is a bit high, and this time, Man has to continue to blow Honda. It is the Honda e, the first pure electric car that Honda recently exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show. The name is very simple, the car is as famous as it is, and it looks very simple. The outline of the appearance is relatively round, Q Meng and retro style, is the tribute to Honda's N3

Text | Li Qingke Ruo, in the new Volkswagen brand experience event last night, ID3 rushed out from the left side of the stage, ID3 rushed out from the middle of the stage, and ID3 rushed out from the right side of the stage. In short, the whole conference, live off is ID3's personal concert. This is the case

In 2011, an exterior blended with the characteristics of SUV and MPV, and the overall stylish cross crossover model shocked the Chinese car. That is BYD's old E6 sedan. At the age when the new energy car was not popular, BYD became the first person to eat crabs. and

Power change or charging, two rounds or four rounds? This should be considered as two focus issues discussed in the electric field this year. Recently, with the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles shifting from replenishment to replenishment, the implementation of the new mandatory national standard for electric bicycles (hereinafter referred to as the new national standard)

Modern Express News (correspondent Qin Gongxuan Liu Xulin reporter Ji Yu) said that the wine is not afraid of the deep alley, but this fragrance has accidentally attracted the thief. Recently, the Qinhuai police in Nanjing received an alarm call. The other party claimed that they had been stolen and needed police treatment. After receiving the police, the police on duty at the Shuangtang Police...

This article comes from Tiger Sniff App (ID: huxiu_com), author Sun Mingyuan, Dong Chehui is authorized to publish. Global car sales fell, China's new energy car sales fell... It seems that the car market has reached a stage of climax, followed by The winter i

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