Lead: Merry Christmas has passed, although the festival has passed, but the Steam is not the end of promotional activities. May this promotion you don't buy what game, because you already know that you have no time to play after buying, the end result is

At present, Westhouse gaming layout with its FPS games, including "anti terrorist operation" has been in 9 countries around the world have their own online operations, a relatively perfect competition system. December 10, 2016, the Western Hills in its FP

CSGO is still one of the most popular FPS project, you buy a ticket to open the box to watch the game, naughty awfully, of course there are very many people are still very serious when it FPS to play. As the "half life" (Half-life) one of the most powerfu

Oscar TGA is known as the game industry in the United States in December 1st Losangeles Microsoft theater officially kicked off, in addition to the wonderful presentation link, the latest of many game makers will also seize the gaming Festival broke this

Intro: "Titanfall 2" is available before the pursuers came after Qiazhiyisuan, "war machine 4" heat is not eliminated, "battlefield 1" the fire is just back lit, more space warfare and feelings COD installed, although in the 13 years of "Titanf -- ZAKER,

Playing network exclusive compilation, please indicate the source. "Star citizens" this week revealed that the 2.6 update patch will soon visit the test service. The development team said the game's FPS module has made considerable progress in the StarCra

Introduction: the first person shooter game, the basic game player on the FPS, although this expression has been Europe and the United States from the perspective of game player favorite, and not all the types are shooting, but most game player or a love

This is not like the traditional type of special purchases for the Spring Festival shooting game, and we will see in 2017 2 and pioneer. Blizzard's FPS will keep evolving - not through endless DLC, but instead of free content updates and carefully polishe

In September 22nd, 2016 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference (TGPC) the game forum, Tencent application treasure said, according to the application of treasure transport products of different life cycle and performance data, and stepped into the adjustmen

Lead: for "life" to create the singular so complete gaming experience, should not because the end defects were all negative, only ending on the game itself is inverse question, this works on the unfair. How to look at the AVG picture is not how good, ther

To contribute millions of net royalties, author Qin pan Meng card (writer), please do not reprint without authorization! When Mobile Games Pansum and the net swims the decline in China capital is king of the gaming market, I do not know how many people in

Wen Xinye this article from the "interesting point" of the original, pictures from the network (Intrusion),

Wen Xinye this article from the "interesting point" of the original, pictures from the network (Intrusion),

[17173 players contribute, the author: Tribble] imperceptible summer vacation has been

For two games in 2016, the company's top games: Battlefield 1 and Tai

FPS players may also vaguely remember a "king of the fallen" developer G CI

Now people talk about "jump ticket King Duke Nukem Forever", it will be. No

To contribute millions of net royalties, the tomato Fried rice with egg without authorization, please do not reprint!

In July 30th, the CJ site "against war" exhibition area, EP to fight AG,

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