The Fan Bingbing family is also a standard high - value family. The younger brother who had dragged his hind legs went to Korea as an exercise student. They also have a literary dream, brother to debut, dad go out from time to time to light a phase. Recen

Van Chengcheng December 20th, van Chengcheng opened micro-blog and announced to join the "Idol" practice, said: I am the idol trainee fan Chengcheng, a producer, please! Fan Bingbing micro-blog and Fan Bingbing friends screenshots, said: the official will

The entertainment NetEase reported in December 14th 13, there are users in the micro-blog drying out a photo of Fan Bingbing in 2000 to participate in a program, said Fan Bingbing was born beautiful, also specially stressed that photos are original, not t

Fan Bingbing has a brother, the name is Fan Chengcheng. When he saw the name, he was a family with Fan Bingbing. When he returned from South Korea as an exercise student recently, according to the Internet, he said he wanted to go back to participate in t

Fan Bingbing has a brother, the name is Fan Chengcheng. When he saw the name, he was a family with Fan Bingbing. When he returned from South Korea as an exercise student recently, according to the Internet, he said he wanted to go back to participate in t

In December 3rd, Fan Bingbing was exposed to a photo of an event. In the photo, she wore a red dress, before the split design shows a pair of legs, a very powerful gas field. Fan Bingbing wears a red dress with a strong air. Fan Bingbing is full of air. F

Fan Bingbing is really hard to spell. He doesn't finish dinner until 9. I also have to go back to the night flight for second days. She sent micro-blog this photo in addition to sigh and her work desperately three Niang, also brought back a lot of the gos

The red carpet actress has always been a hotly contested spot, various contests is a very common thing on the red carpet. Especially at the end of the year, various awards ceremony of the red carpet, the actress who is despite the cold weather again, leav

Nuozha one to the end of the entertainment of various large annual activities have begun to make arrangements for it, the stars are dressed up to the nines, but also warm the actor who is the female stars in Western dress and leather shoes, but is still t

Fan Bingbing of bravery word always dare to wear, yes, white to light, wear linen are beautiful! Yesterday, Fan Bingbing wore a 3D print skirt to participate in the screaming night of Iqiyi. The sense of technology and fashion went all together to properl

Recently, the night Fan Bingbing sent a micro-blog, 'his physique is poor, others have a cold, she catches a cold. Fan Bingbing micro-blog in drying out their own a set of photos, and with the text: why do people catch a cold, I was infectious! What kind

As we all know, Fan Bingbing is a 19 year old Chengcheng, her little brother fan was born in 2000, the standard 00, nine meters tall. Not long ago signed a Leroy entertainment company, went to South Korean students do exercises. Fan Bingbing has returned

As everyone knows, the entertainment stars often give their people made chowhound privately, but they did not dare eat. Where there are so many special physique, most people have a silent diet after shooting. The true nature of the girl wine and dine, unt

Dongyu Zhou China entertainment network fifty-fourth Golden Horse Awards have various flowers, and red carpet Dongyu Zhou halter dress but attracted everyone's hot. Actress Zhengyan could be described as anything, but who beauty makes you gifted with an e

26, there are friends uploaded Fan Bingbing arrived at Thailand Airport Photos, photos Fan Bingbing appeared at the airport all the way with fans interactive, not only full of smiles, but also intimate interaction with fans, it can be said that the affini

NetEase entertainment reported on November 21st in the evening of November 24th, informed people in micro-blog drying out Fan Bingbing magazine screenshot, revealing Fan Bingbing and Li Chen loving everyday. Originally, Fan Bingbing has begun to call Li C

I don't know if you like to see these blockbusters. Anyway, for me, it's the place where I admire the female stars most, except for the money and the chance to kiss Kaneshiro Takeshi / Daniel Wu / commander Jason Statham. Let the world's best visual team

Even though, a versatile treasure can always contribute some stars to the same paragraph. However, the standard is the same paragraph, not necessarily is the stars through the same paragraph oh. In November 20th, Fan Bingbing was on the micro-blog Tucao w

Before micro-blog, seen a dynamic way, William Chan participate in activities, and a female fan happy hug, but the female fans back to William Chan left a few things, wearing a black suit and William Chan, the side hug and the fans, an all white! But at t

In November 20th, Fan Bingbing forwarded a friend of micro-blog, the content of the shopping website merchants claimed Fan Bingbing same paragraph. The picture is actually selling the clothes sold by the merchant PS to Fan Bingbing, not the real Bing Bing

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