According to the Department of defense website news December 28th, the movie "green" refers to retired personnel placement, deputy director of the information bureau, Defense Ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang said: the CPC Central Committee and State Counci

Tencent entertainment paper (text / wood wood three) this year's box office box office champion "Fang Hua" have been seen? When Feng Daoxuan actor made flag said the whole volume will not. Facts have proved that ginger is still hot. Huang Xuan is born wit

A "green" not only let the Pingdao struggling to find Miao Miao, Zhong Chuxi, Yang Caiyu, Li Xiaofeng and so on. The value of new faces has the talent of the original Feng girl, also let Huang Xuan guide set stamp album was another name. Don't touch it, a

Wang Yuan is more blogger. This time Wang Yuan did not take the self timer, but the avatar ambassador, doing a few meaningful things. Feng Xiaogang's film Fang Hua is officially released, and Wang Yuan is more popular for the film. Micro-blog copywriter w

Recently, Zhong Chuxi, the heroine of the "Fang Hua", is so fascinated that she is very fond of this beautiful little sister! Recently, she took a group of movies for the red show. It was so cool that she had no friends! The cover of this bell was shaved

The visual china news Beijing, December 6th, the film "Fang Hua" I gave you a show to your premiere. Feng Xiaogang plays Huang Xuan, Miao Miao, Zhong Chuxi and so on. Bai Baihe has a simple appearance in the audience. The Bai Baihe style casual, Liu hoodw

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