Editing: Z Yuhan, Xunzi | Finishing: Xunzi Evaluation: Our Design Diary · Shenzhen | Organization: Mu Qi In recent years, who has never been addicted to short videos? Speaking of short videos, most people can be called by the name Douyin and Kuaishou (Weishi: I & amp; hel

Author | 花 哥 Source | Party Finance (ID: jiafangcaijing2019) The pictures and text are beautiful skins, and the short video is the interesting soul. Before short videos were born, graphic feed streams represented state-of-the-art content productivity. With the birth of short videos

Recently, you must have heard a sentence called "Orly". It comes from this video at station B. This video called "Positive Energy Quotations Olivier" has a duration of 18 seconds, a playback volume of 1800w +, and a barrage of 7.9w. This data is regarded as the top stream at station B. Do not

Source: Visual China has been rumored for a long time and caught off guard. On the evening of November 27th, with a rumor that Kuaiduoduo and Ali joined hands quickly, the first live broadcast in the Pinduoduo App ended. "Daily Economic News" reporter noticed that the first live show of Pinduoduo chose 10 billion products

Original title "Behind the rise of the soil flavor network red, is an unknown heartache" Text / Dig source: Dig number (ID: washu66) Huang is a Northeast Chaoyang, 42 years old, mixed with Liaoning Quyi Association in his early years, by saying Crosstalk, hold on to survive, and later the crosstalk industry declined, but helplessly had to rely on themselves

Deep sound original · Author|Aachen Core Want to point Short video is welcoming the wealth effect, who will be friends of time? Big V Make money is a compass, so that ordinary people make money is a voter. I have to admit that the British classical economist Adam Smith published in 1776.

In the vibrato, fast hand and B station, everything can be taught, everything can be learned. Station B said that Station B is a learning community and nearly 20 million people have studied at Station B in the past year. Fast hands said that no one is more suitable for general education than us. At present, there are more than 990,000 short video authors.

The true fragrance law of the famous Chinese philosopher Wang Jingze finally came into effect after the 95th session. At the beginning of the year, Wufu didn't get a few dollars. You vowed to pull people again as puppies. At the end of the year, you are looking for someone to build a building, and you are having fun. Um, really fragrant. When my parents let you cut a knife a few months ago,

Text | Morning Photo | IC Photo36 氪 Learned that the company has recently set up an office in São Paulo and launched a creator recruitment program to start recruiting in Brazil. It plans to complete the construction of a team of thousands of creators in the future. Faster hopes that Brazil will become the master outside China

Two Ferraris, one Maserati, a set of 18 million villas in Guangzhou bought in full, is a doll (quick ID: wawawawa) and Xiaoliang couple started from scratch, two years of entrepreneurial record. After graduating from junior high school, the two started their business from the stalls. In 2011, the husband

Fast hands and Tesla, both need each other. Hello old iron, I am Tesla. Open the fast hand, the red Tesla Model S is flying in the snowy wilderness. In a few seconds of opening ads, this slogan is strikingly on the screen. Video source Tesla China Quick Official account October 1

2019 League of Legends The S9 Global Finals is nearing completion. The list of the top four teams was completely released last weekend, namely the IG and FPX in the LPL, the SKT team in the LCK and the G2 in the LCS.

Title map | Visual China Since the beginning of school, the school has been inspected almost every week. After two days, we will take the students to clean up. After the check, the student's behavior habits are still the same. This is the phenomenon described in an article published online by a rural language teacher a few days ago. The text complains about various formalisms and makes the poor

In this big background, the status of the praise, as a quick-handed auxiliary tool to undertake the task of helping users find more fast and exciting short video content, the logic is similar to the Taobao and Taobao shopping guide platform. Author | Zhou Yabo Editor | Li Wei with 300 million DAU as the target of the year, hatching

PingWest Play October 29, today, at the National Basketball Ecology Forum held in Beijing, Suhua, the founder and CEO of Fasthand Technology, and Yao Ming, chairman of the China Basketball Association and chairman of the CBA Alliance, jointly launched the fast-handed basketball photosynthetic program. In the coming year, fast

(Source: Respondents for the picture) Economic Observer Online Reporter Ren Xiaoning The NBA, which caused controversy not long ago, made the public aware of the value of American basketball. In China, the CBA-led basketball market has also received attention. On October 29th, the fast hand and CBA announced a deep cooperation

Author: Wu Rong, source: China business newspaper, reprinted address: fast fashion is facing growth bottleneck. HM and ZARA search for fast fashion clothing brand with strong trend. They are not very good in recent years. They are trying to find more oppo

Quick fix stovepipe 3 days big thick legs is not a dream, the 1 day stand or sit down on the day, will be because of poor blood circulation in the legs and let the legs become puffy, looks better than actually a rough circle. We can lie in bed flat every

Chestnut is good in taste and rich in nutritional value, is a good tonic, either raw or cooked food, have good physical conditioning effect, with activating blood to stop bleeding blood, strong kidney impotence, more common is tangchaolizai,

To build the world's largest single aperture radio telescope, China Academy of Sciences carried out a pre study period of 10 years in July 3rd, known as the "eye" of the Chinese FAST completion of the main project.

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