Recently, Gao Yuanyuan and Mark were friends in Shanghai witnessed a supermarket, the entertainment model couple, every time is not hand in hand to hand in hand, the strength of dog abuse. Two people go straight to the vegetable and fruit meat area, which

Recently, Gao Yuanyuan appeared in a certain activity. Amazing ah, 38 years old, with visual effects in the makeup Chinese lens, can I, can only Tut tut. Incredible, the cameraman must be straight, then secretly to the goddess with the filters, it must be

The evening of November 22, 2017, Gao Yuanyuan, Louis Koo, friends broke the news of Kaneshiro Takeshi and Tony Leung streets in Hongkong filming, some users get a road transillumination, Gao Yuanyuan a classic side hair into Qi Liuhai, in a roadside shop

On the evening of November 22nd, Gao Yuanyuan fans group took photos of Gao Yuanyuan and his friend Han fire party in micro-blog, and said, "go one, H2O.". In the photo, Gao Yuanyuan wearing a white sweater, her hair loose, skin white and red, and Korean

After Yang Mi and Mark's "Sansheng III ten li peach blossom" broadcast, a large ticket of CP powder. Yang Mi's white light and Mark's night Hua make many netizens can not forget, they all say that this is the best watched TV play. Recently, Mark and Yang

Lim Yoona, Yan value is high kingly way, unloading makeup or face of the feeling of collagen. Is the beauty or Hathaway makeup, makeup look more pure but more affinity. Yang Zi, completely blame this remover software is a bit tricky, put her makeup remove

Zhao Wei, when silkworm cute Sun Li not like lying silkworm, the eyes are single eyelids like Song Hye Kyo. Joe sister this year has been more than 30 Liu Shishi looks belongs to those who are pure, although not her eyes, but the smile is very good-lookin

(Gao Yuanyuan to participate in activities) recently, Gao Yuanyuan appeared in Shanghai, an event, the day she wore a pink word dress dress, girls feel full. Also big show sweet shoulder and clavicle, showing the beauty of mature women. (Gao Yuanyuan take

Since Liu Junlie and Li Huili after public affair, small around her dog to my party has good swagger before others for a whole week. Well, just like when I finished reading "please answer 1988", I was 10 Fen of them as a good party. What's the solution? Z

National goddess Gao Yuanyuan ran to Qinghai, highway, desert, rape flower photo, do you think the United States? Gao Yuanyuan highway photos. Gao Yuanyuan desert photos. Gao Yuanyuan was in a rape field. Gao Yuanyuan, rape, flowers, photo. Gao Yuanyuan p

Tencent entertainment news on July 19th, Gao Yuanyuan appeared on the electricity supplier brand news conference, she wore a sheer white vest coat collocation cool appearance, a bright smile, the mood is very good, the goddess temperament of foot. On the

Recently the little Lord sees "my former life, played by Yuan Quan, Tang Jingo love roar!!!! 40 years old in the workplace is not completely Baigujing Yi play, there is little sister stars eyes () in the clothing fried chicken is high, the lack of black a

The second tiger walk street goddess final! Chingmy Yau defeated Gao Yuanyuan and won the second tiger goddess! In fact, the difference between the two votes is not large, Chingmy Yau 52.3%, Gao Yuanyuan 47.7%. In fact, Gao Yuanyuan also won the runner up

In every heart there is a lady. In the beauty collection of entertainment, there are countless goddess to eat melon people see dazzling. But what the goddess can capture straight heart? Recently, a famous forum held a goddess election activities, resultin

May 20th and May 21st are two fried chicken for sensational day, yiyanbuge vindicate, whether to the object or to family and friends, can be said to be very sweet … Gao Yuanyuan yesterday in micro-blog assistant to her confession, drying out of a 1

Last night, Gao Yuanyuan released a picture of a photograph fourteen years ago and the present comparison. Gao Yuanyuan and Juan are in the same position as they were fourteen years ago. Orange Jun think Gao Yuanyuan changed, fourteen years ago, her eyes

Mark, Gao Yuanyuan NetEase entertainment in May 18 reported according to Taiwan media ETTV cloud coverage, artists Mark and Gao Yuanyuan married 3 years, two people feeling of love, always the wife belly movement is outside the focus of attention, has rep

Tencent entertainment news recently, the netizen inventory has more than one road room Gao Yuanyuan repair Tulu transillumination, did not repair the figure of the goddess of the same beautiful. There is no beauty and PS, the goddess Gao Yuanyuan is still

China News Shanghai, 10, Gao Yuanyuan debut AWE expo. The national goddess Gao Yuanyuan red dress appeared full of beauty. Gao Yuanyuan on stage and host interaction. Gao Yuanyuan red skirt. Gao Yuanyuan elegant temperament. Gao Yuanyuan attended the even

Recently, "III. ten peach" see Barbara sister is unable to stop, more and more by Uncle Mark circle powder! In fact, a lot of people started to play the night that Mark Hua, are refusing especially posters out, was Tucao crow fine however, just broadcast

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