reported on November 20th, the day before, all parts of joint venture construction China Geely Holding Group and Belarus automobile factory (CKD) passenger car factory production is completed, the first production car Geely bullyear official

Today, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has announced a final agreement with the American Terrafugia flying Motor Company to acquire all the business and assets of Terrafugia. At present, the acquisition has been achieved by the United States Foreign Investme

There's another accident with the car! Recently, a man of the new car to friends, friends have also hit roadside stone, causing many cars even hit the scene is a mess! Police Milo said: not the driver of the vehicle owner may be revoked driver's license,

The morning of July 4th, a man with his wife's car to sit in a friend just to Xiushan Xiushan County Hospital, toll station water broke. Drivers think in their car to give birth to a child unlucky, let them get off to wait for first aid. The high-speed la

From limited suppliers to qualified suppliers, this enterprise is how? Conform to the "supply side" of the trend of reform?

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