In the 9th round of Group C of the European Cup qualifiers, Germany beat Belarus 4-0 at home and advanced to the finals in 1 round. Cross gave a 2 shot and a pass in the game, becoming the biggest hero in Germany. In this game, Cross debuted and showed a good state. First half

Recently, actor Jiang Yiyan has been controversial on the Internet for his personal residence, LJ Villa, who won the American Master of Architecture Award. The award-winning official online award information shows that the chief designer is Thore Garbers and the design company is Garbers & James Ar

Western media said that although the Berlin Wall has collapsed for 30 years, the deep gap between Germany and the East still exists, and Germany has not completed a true reunification. According to a report by the Spanish Daily on October 31, Bernd Flormed is a retired worker. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall

As the same time, watch the German Railway of &hellip de iron; … German Railway once in time for the German iron words had turned into a Western proverb there. But Richard Luth, chief executive of Germany and iron, admitted in November 29th, ZAKER,

Original title: German railway to hit on signs, China netizen: my high iron ranging from the same time, I like the German Railway watch of &hellip de iron; … German Railway once in time for the German iron words had turned into a Western proverb th

[/ observer network columnist pan Gongyu] the U20 team suffered China raise a Babel of criticism of the Tibetan flag event in Germany, with a statement in November 26th Chinese Football Association finally draw a conclusion: U20 team left for home. China

Did the German Football Association project fail? Because the Tibetan flag hanging event, some German media that the China U20 team may not come again in germany. According to the German "Der Spiegel" Weekly reported 27 days ago, the German Football Assoc

People's Daily reported on November 27th, recently, Chinese's U20 team suffered a series of non sports factors in Germany's friendly. This should be a relaxed and friendly football stadium, but the Tibetan flag. What's more, Chinese players and spectators

[reports] observation net of the person China U20 men's soccer team selection in the local time 18 days for the first time held in Mainz in the Southwest German League, the audience seats someone to hang out on the "Tibet independence" banner, China team

Every day, a tactical and firearms knowledge, dry 7*24 hours, uninterrupted tactical big picture, according to foreign media news, Sig Sauer has now withdrawn from the German new generation of rifles bidding, has withdrawn the MCX rifle offer. One of the

According to the Augen Geradeaus report, the German American joint venture Sig Sauer (Sig Sauer) has withdrawn from the German army's next generation rifle competition. At present, Sig Sauer has withdrawn the tender and offer of MCX rifle - ZAKER, persona

Today, without the political position, the German army is undoubtedly the most powerful army in World War II, except for the killers such as the Gestapo and the concentration camps. Well-equipped, well-trained, advanced theory, will be gathered. Perhaps o

[reports] observation net of the person China FA U20 selection team encountered Tibet's in Germany have made new progress. According to the latest news of the official website of the Chinese Football Association 24, the Chinese Football Association and th

As a veteran pseudo fan, knife sister will stay up every night watching the ball (player), of which the most support is the German team, the reason for the following picture: regardless of technical or non-technical reasons, the German team in China absol

Today, goods shelves of a 100 SKY front ball pen, 2 Pack price 39 yuan. The main products imported from Germany's Schmidt SCHMIDT ball pen and ink system core, to smooth paper claims scraping, smooth writing. Nib 0.5mm, with original KA - ZAKER, personali

Beijing, November 20th (Monday) morning, a flash of news about the German political shocked Europe: the German government negotiations broke down, the German Chancellor Merkel was suddenly placed in the situation unable to form a new government. The analy

[reports] to observe "Jane's Defence Weekly" by network UK reported on November 17th, according to the German media said the German defense army 244 leopard 2 main battle tank in only 95 vehicles in good condition. 1/3 lack of parts cannot be used. In Nov

The 18 day, the five-star red flag of the audience with Tibet's call. Local time 18 days, China FA U20 selection team players to the identity, first held in Mainz in the Southwest German league. In the game, the audience was hanging out the Tibetan flag G

Made in Germany, once a myth in the minds of Chinese people, many German brands are the object of worship of the people, but the times are changing, the German myth has gradually fallen altar. In 1866, SIEMENS founder, SIEMENS, made the world's first gene

Germany is the most stable and lowest rising country in developed economies, thanks to the success of social cooperative leasing and the suppression of speculation. But stable housing prices do not drag down Germany's long-term economic growth, and share

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