Messi's mother: I didn't expect him to win a prize. At the recently concluded Golden Globe Awards, Messi won his sixth Golden Globe. In an interview with CNN, his mother Celia-Cuchtini said that she did not expect Messi to take the golden ball, and said that she thought the 5th Golden Ball award has been

Messi won his 6th Golden Globe for the first time ever, but controversy over the selection of the Golden Globe continues. As early as last year after the selection of the Golden Globes was announced, we have carried out the secret. No, the Sri Lankan Hafiz Marikar, whom we are familiar with, is here to show his existence

News on December 3, Messi just received his 6th Golden Globe Awards, and the hostess Sandy Herbie, who presented him, entered the field of vision of the fans. The guest of honor for this year's Golden Globes is Chelsea's famous Drogba, and one is the team reporter Sandy. Sandy is 35 years old.

Messi won his 6th Golden Globe Award, which brought the number of Golden Globes in Barcelona's history to 12 and Barcelona surpassed Real Madrid by 12-11. It is even more unimaginable that Real Madrid has no players among the top ten in the Golden Globes. Real Madrid has always been known for its superstars, but

Messi presents 6 Golden Globe trophies. As reported by the media, Messi won the 2019 Golden Globes. This is the sixth time in his career that he has won this honor. To the shocking scene. Messi in 2009, 2010, 2011,

Messi won the Golden Globes for the sixth time. With Andy Lau from Africa, he read Messi's name after playing tricks, and the 2019 Golden Globes winner was officially released: Messi won his 6th Golden Globe trophy. The fact that Messi won before is no longer a suspense, because too much information points to Messi winning.

Modric Attends the Awards Ceremony Although he failed to enter the list of 30 people for this year's Golden Globe Awards, Modric came to the Golden Globe Awards ceremony and participated in the most important scene: as the winner of the previous Golden Globe He personally handed the trophy to this year's winner Messi. This is the Golden Globe Awards this year

Next week "French Football" will officially announce this year's Golden Globe winner. The Golden Globe Awards judge and "World Sports" reporter Francisco Aguilar revealed that Messi has been determined to receive the Golden Globe Award. Aguilar tweeted: Messi has confirmed his 6th Golden Globe Award, "France

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