The Tencent of science and technology Ji Zhenyu Silicon Valley in December 22nd reported that Google parent company Alphabet 21 issued a brief message, announced that the company executive chairman Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmit) will no longer hold this posit

In 2018, more and more near major brands began to be busy doing the year-end report recently, Google released the 2017 hot search term this year, we search for the most words are: How behind the word is the major events of the year occurred there is fear

Micro-blog, faster than faster, is now on your fingertips. From December 12, 2017 to 13, at Google developer conference in China, Google focused on PWA (Progressive Web App), which is progressive application framework -- ZAKER, personalized recommendation

Give me liberty or give me death you do not know the difference you have not noticed, the Internet circle quickly raise the roof... The main reason is that the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will pass a bill with the results of the

In a aquarium in San Francisco, America, there was a time to leave the house, and the administrator came to do the daily check. Water tank of bluefin tuna in floating fish administrator staring for a while, still. He took out his mobile phone, dial a numb

Apple has opened the press conference in the United States. How do you come to China to launch a press conference in Google? A lot of children's shoes have created a bold idea: whether Google is going to return to China. Why are all reading Google good, l

Apple has opened the press conference in the United States. How do you come to China to launch a press conference in Google? A lot of children's shoes have created a bold idea: whether Google is going to return to China. Why are all reading Google good, l

GIF diagram is a good way to express emotions, but it is always compressed in layers, and the resolution is low and the image is blurred. In order to improve the user's bucket map experience, Gfycat hopes to use machine learning to create a higher resolut

Editor's note: now many times, we are all looking for search (or Google or Baidu) or GitHub programming. How can we learn programming and become a real developer when there is no Internet in the early stage? Or as a little white, how to enter the age of I

Just, we see a very shocking news: according to the U.S. NBC News reports, local time on December 9th, the Santa Clara County of the U.S. state of California (Santa Clara County) 7 forensic confirmed in Sunnyvale sea - ZAKER, personalized recommendation h

When does Google return to China? This problem may not exist at all because Google has never left China. In December 13, 2017, the annual Google China developer conference was held in Shanghai. Google AI - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular new

In the impression of many people, Google has given up China's business. But now, Google is going to play a big game in China! At the 2017 Google Developers Conference, Professor Gu Geyun, the lifelong professor and chief scientist of Stanford University,

Will mobile photography be limited to the camera itself? At least Google doesn't think so. Nowadays, smart phones have been able to take photos of high pixels, even 4K videos. But at present, cameras are mainly working on optical sensors, capturing images

  DC video screenshot suspected movies of the year evaluation are good, the main reason is that DC has signed on to play the wonder woman Gail Gadot, the female star has captured the hearts of thousands of yen value of Marvel powder, marvel powder be

Sina Technology - Beijing morning news on December 12th, even if you do not agree with Elon Musk (Elon Musk) the pessimistic remarks must agree with the artificial intelligence gradually applied to the real world, some algorithms will bring harm to human.

Apple has confirmed that it has acquired Shazam music recognition service, which is said to have a total of $400 million. Apple said, we are very pleased that Shazam and its brilliant team join apple. The cooperation between Apple Music and Shazam can rec

Beijing time November 8th evening news, market research company Statista released today's data show that Google and Facebook not only dominate the global network advertising market, the overall online and offline advertising market share is also as high a

Cloud Hunting: the CIA, as the world's largest intelligence agency, has a long reputation for venture capital in addition to global intelligence. This article introduces the investment company In-Q-Tel of the agency. The article comes from: Alfa workshop

A shared extension to beautify the compilation Chrome new tab page, to get feedback from readers, this time on the Chrome share is still around the theme, I hope to take this opportunity, let us have a thorough landscaping Chrome journey. This time - ZAKE

After the mobile Internet, artificial intelligence has become the biggest vents. At present, almost all Internet giants, front-line mobile phones, automobiles and hardware vendors are in the direction of AI, and show more and more results. Previously, Aod

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