On November 7, the Forbes China Rich 400 list was released. Driven by the consumption upgrade, the total wealth of the 400 richest people has increased by about one-fifth from a year ago to 9.12 trillion yuan. Jinyang.com reporters found that about one-third of the top 100 richest people

IT Home November 9th According to the customer service news of the Guangdong operator, the port number transfer service can be handled from 0:00 on November 10, 2019, and the port number transfer service will be officially implemented on November 30, 2019. . Port number transfer service is

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 6 (Reporter Chen Jianxing) The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mr. Lin Zhengyue, who came to Beijing to attend the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District Construction Leading Group meeting, introduced the meeting's situation and results to the media reporter on the evening of 6th, and thanked the central government...

Teach you today Chinese University was renamed China University renamed routine crash Dafa Dafa, nothing more than three strokes. Have not Phoenix pheasant piercing eye, doesn't know. The renaming of the University of sesame / sesame is not a new thing. M

Charging treasure, is already one of the essential necessities for everyone to travel. A lot of candidates charging treasure, the standard is very simple: good-looking, cheap, high-capacity! But few people pay attention to, buy their own treasure treasure

(CNR network reporter Zhang Maoqing photo) CNR net Wuhan on November 26th news (reporter correspondent Zhang Maoqing Gu Gongxuan) lasted for several months, after Guangdong, Xiangyang, Hubei, Gucheng police recently successfully cracked a large drug traff

Although there are reports that some colleges in China forbid students to take takeout, and the punishment for illegal takeout is also strict. But for college students who don't have a ban, takeaway is still a joy. The day before, hungry released the 2017

Although there are reports that some colleges in China forbid students to take takeout, and the punishment for illegal takeout is also strict. But for college students who don't have a ban, takeaway is still a joy. The day before, hungry released the 2017

Original title: Guangdong has now married savage downtown: the Groomsmen held fire extinguisher "watch" Bridesmaid face source: today's line in Kaiping recently occurred in the "barbaric" marriage make several Groomsmen while the bride to the room will be

Guangdong weather today (November 20th) at 10:20 in the morning, the news said, cold clothes folded to be cautious, and with two pictures. This news has attracted many netizens' comments, and there are 81 comments in 18 minutes. Shanwei weather 10 points

This article comes from WeChat public number DT Finance (ID:DTcaijing) chop hands of the annual event double 11, and finally with your record of 168 billion 200 million yuan turnover ended. Focus on NEXT Intelligence Bureau of consumer data research, the

In November 9th, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau recently informed the 21 city police successfully destroyed the black evil crime gang more than 130, and with the disclosure of 4 cases. Among them, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bu

In November 5th, a culinary contest was held in a square in Guangdong, Foshan. After winning the prize dishes, the conference will open 18 dishes and take photos. A chefs have come up with all the skill of looking after the house. The dishes to see people

November afternoon, the tinder security laboratory earlier media reports on the campus Tianyi poison event publishing client notification, said the virus spread wide range, there are more than 200 Tianyi college campus client installed to carry the virus

Original title: onlookers! Former colleagues, now also be double - view) Legal Evening News News November 1st afternoon, the Commission website published news that the Guangdong safety supervision bureau former deputy director of the Standing Committee Pe

After the nineteen big, there are a wave of important leading cadres adjustment. Two consecutive days, 7 provinces publicly disclosed the situation of the adjustment of the main leaders. The list is as follows: ↓ ↓ ↓ this adjustment is divi

China Weather Network this morning (16) 3:25, around the year twentieth typhoon Kanu (strong tropical storm) landed in Guangdong, Zhanjiang, Xuwen coast. The typhoon is expected to bring the strongest wind and rain, the most important period of time. The

Huge poison nets surfaced, headed by drug traffickers Zhang brother to sell support suction Zhang brother is very fierce, when to goods have, the price is cheap, many small drug dealers are from his purchase. In 2016, the anti drug detachment of Liaoyang

Just now, 2017 Hurun Report released! This is the Hurun Research Institute since 1999 nineteenth consecutive released Hurun list threshold for five consecutive years to maintain 2 billion of the list this year ushered in a new richest man, he is the first

Background reply [manpower] receive job information ~ editor: manpower, see what kind of person is a person, there are some shortcuts. Like killing games. And, for example, order dishes. You're not ordering food, it's emotional intelligence. Do you think

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