According to Guangzhou Metro News, as of 5:00 am on December 2, the city's emergency command has directed and coordinated the relevant units to have put in more than 1,100 emergency rescue personnel and 192 emergency rescue vehicles of all kinds, doing their best to do all rescue and rescue work. The first is to install steel protection cylinders in the collapsed area.

On November 28, 2019, Guangzhou, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and the Moon have four stars.

A few days ago, on a flight to Guangzhou on the New York flight, a Guangzhou doctor raised concerns about the short-lived video of the elderly who used the mouth to suck out the urine, and was evaluated by the netizens as a medical practitioner. The reporter learned that the above flight was China Southern Airlines CZ399, at 1:45 am on November 19

According to Weibo @广州公警, this morning, the Guangzhou Anti-Terrorism Leading Group held a 2019 Suzaku anti-terrorism peacekeeping handling exercise in Huangpu District. Photo of the drill site Source: Governor of Guangzhou Public Security Chang'an Street (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) Note

I don't know if my moms have such an experience: if you are not careful when you go up and down the BRT bus, you can easily get caught in the door to be closed. There are also several experiences like this. Just a few days ago, Guangzhou Wang Bo did not think about taking the BRT bus to Huajing Xincheng Station and getting off.

Wen, Tu / Yangcheng reporter Zhou Wei On November 1, 2019, the 21st National (Guangzhou) Sex Cultural Festival opened at the Guangzhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center. Exhibitors brought a variety of special products and hot performances, attracting a large audience to watch. Live performances, cameras, mobile phones

In Changzhou, Miss Zhou took part in a friend's party, drank a lot of wine and went to KTV to sing. When she woke up, she found herself lying naked in the hotel bed. Police after the hotel monitoring, after a night to the suspect Wang escaped to Guangzhou

[/ observer network] micro-blog often Zhao Kexin forwarding sweepstakes, the main Bo today to say it was unanimously abandon. It's the same thing, @ the big pot is just drunk and obsessed with diving recently. Yesterday (2), he picked up a glass at the di

In November 25th, an old couple was found abnormal in the security inspection Hall of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, so they opened their bags and checked. Suddenly a cockroach came out, and the security check was startled and almost cried. Later

Another family! Xiaoming cycling was traced to the arrears of wages, lost control, 10 million deposit review: following the blue bicycle disappear without a trace... After sharing the second echelon of the South: Bicycle Bicycle Xiaoming was in trouble. S

According to the "new Express" reported that recently, Guangzhou Tianhe Road Pacific Digital Plaza B field tenants received a notice that the February 28, 2018 B field lease expires, and no longer renewed. This former computer city leader, an important IT

The machine expands. The colt brother recently airborne Guangzhou subway, took out his machine, a di sound by the number six line machine's brother. In the mud of big Guangzhou, now you can use WeChat's small program "Tencent ride code" in line six lookin

19, Guangzhou, Qi Wei appeared in the cinema publicity new film "chase", she wore a gray waist dress big show leg, the interview was playful, cute, good mood. (source: visual China) 19, Guangzhou, Qi Wei appeared in the cinema to promote the new film "cha

Today, the public Mr. Wang to reflect, he through the intermediary in Guangzhou Avenue North District to buy a suite below the market price to do marriage room. Housing intermediary only told him the elderly in death, he signed the purchase agreement, the

In November 16th, Tencent Inc and Guangzhou Metro Group held a signing ceremony, officially launched deep cooperation in the field of intelligent transportation. Two companies jointly announced: from now on, the country's first subway ride code in Guangzh

Today (November 14th), the Guangzhou Valley Network Technology Co. Ltd. issued a statement that VR+ Park belonging and OMAS universal, to clarify the false statements and declarations, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. Yesterday (November 1

This marks that in October this year, after the demolition of the collective property housing, the Eastern District demolition work has achieved periodic results. In August this year, Tianhe District formulated a compensation and resettlement scheme for t

The annual double 11 rush Festival again, are you crazy to buy, buy, like this ↓ or is this ↓ previously double 11, others asked Xiaobian when to take off, and now all ask Xiaobian want to order. Xiao Bian just wanted to say, this book can be ch

The day before, Guangdong legendary brand Binsheng co-founder Lu Runbing, participated in the sponsored by the Guangzhou Football Association of Guangzhou City Football League in Guangzhou in 2017 - Changhong cup veteran Pisces football game, unfortunatel

Guangzhou police recently discovered missing children alarm, the truth of the incident is Speechless … … the end of September, Guangzhou Zengcheng District Public Security Bureau police visited the home of Ning West Community migrant workers

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