The A-share market rarely saw the transfer of tens of billions of shares for free. This time, the leading player in the wine industry was Guizhou Moutai. As the well-deserved industry leader in the liquor industry, Guizhou Moutai also experienced difficult bumps in 2019, and has repeatedly received negative news. However, its stock price has been rising from less than 600 yuan.

The wave of anti-corruption in Maotai, Guizhou continues to advance in depth. After Liu Zili, the former general manager of Maotai Group who had retired, was brought to sue for a bribery case, another former Guizhou Maotai executive who had retired for many years was dug up. On the evening of December 11, the website of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Guizhou Province and the...

In 2019, eight former executives of Guizhou Moutai Group have been arrested on suspicion of bribery. The anti-corruption of Guizhou Moutai Group is similar to that of winemaking, and it continues to ferment. On December 2nd, the official WeChat of the People's Procuratorate of Qianxinan Prefecture announced that the former vice president of Moutai, Guizhou

Zhongxin Jingwei Client December 2nd (Wu Yihan and Yan Shuxin) Today (December 2nd), Guizhou Maotai's stock price finally stopped the trend of Liulianyin and closed slightly up. After hitting an all-time high on November 19, Guizhou Moutai shares

On November 29, the stock king of Guizhou Moutai plunged 5%. As of the close, the company reported 1129 yuan per share, down 3.98%, and fell below the 60-day moving average. Since the beginning of the year's rise, Moutai has twice touched the 60-day moving average, which has triggered a second rise.

Although in the three quarter of several QFII and gold companies have been reduced Moutai Guizhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai through overseas funds began to overweight Guizhou Moutai in the three quarter. However, the "daily economic news" reporter found tha

Zou Shiming these days with Ran Yingying went back to his hometown in Guizhou, but also ran Yingying is Guizhou person, two people to the hometown is enthusiastic folks onlookers. The same day Ran Yingying home because two people eat delicacy, stop for a

The morning of November 21st, the Department of Hematology of Guizhou People's Hospital stem cell collection chamber, 31 year old Xiao Wu (a pseudonym) after nearly 4 hours of waiting in bed, through the blood separator from his body were collected in 200

Data map: Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway tunnel crossing. (Graphic unrelated) in new network reporter Li Bojing photo China News Agency, Beijing, November 16 (reporter Zhou Yin) after 2017 entered the flood season, Guizhou section of Shanghai Kunming

(original title: 12 year old girl was abducted her ex husband, 4 years after she called him her husband) above the picture you see? This is a story behind the anger after school children did not come home at the end of December 2013, Guizhou women Zhou to

CCTV news official micro signal 15 reported that recently, Chinese railway company insiders confirmed a report released on the internet. The announcement of China Railway Corporation on the handling of quality problems in Guizhou section of Shanghai Kunmi

Guizhou Qiannan first mountain outdoor sports meeting, as is the guy's birthday on this day, he was ready to marry his girlfriend. He specially called for 11 classmates, prepared 11 flowers, sea selected dress, decorate the scene. Excited and disturbed, h

According to WeChat, Guizhou public report, November 9th, 11 prominent environmental problems of Guizhou provincial Environmental Protection Office of Guizhou Petroleum Marketing Company, Sinopec Guizhou branch, and other old godmother enterprises and uni

The earliest houses in China originated from the stone age about six thousand or seven thousand years ago. There are two main types of the houses, a North building model, semi subterranean houses. One is the architectural model represented by the Hemudu S

Not long ago, Ms. Wang in Tongren met a man on the unfamiliar street dating website, and the two people chatted with each other, and called each other as brothers and sisters. In a chat, Ms. Wang told the other side that he went to the hospital, in urgent

In December 29, 2016, North Panjiang bridge officially opened. Beipanjiang bridge is located in Yunnan Guizhou at the junction of the pig mud on the river, the River vertical height of 565 meters from the bridge, near the height equivalent to 200 storey b

When she was in her youth, she got leukemia, and she accompanied her treatment. Chemotherapy must shave her head, and in order to encourage girlfriends to actively cooperate with the treatment, she resolutely decided to accompany her to join the bald fami

The afternoon of September 6th, the twelve session of the thirtieth meeting of the Standing Committee decided to accept the resignation of Sun Zhigang as governor of Guizhou Province: Office of the request, Chen Yiqin was appointed vice governor of Guizho

Editor Zou Chunxia | high Yuyang September 6th thirtieth meeting of the Standing Committee of the twelfth Guizhou Provincial People's Congress held in Guiyang, the meeting decided by a group of personnel: Guizhou governor Sun Zhigang resigned to accept th

Nayong County Zhangjiawan Town 8.28 landslides scene rescue headquarters informed: as of August 30th 16, the rescue scene rescue of 31 people, including 23 deaths, 8 people were injured, 1 injured have been cured, 7 injured in the hospital, students ZAKER

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