Recently, the most interesting thing is the new MatePad series that Huawei is warming up, and in time, it has been finalized to meet with everyone in Shanghai on November 25th. This new MatePad series has attracted many people’s attention.

Source: Sina VR Huawei Mate 30 Pro was recently launched in Spain. Although the number of flagship stores in Madrid is limited, it has not yet been widely sold worldwide. The latest report from The Information states that Huawei is currently planning to launch Huawei P

IT House November 21st news Huawei officially released a promotional video, suggesting that Huawei MatePad supports stylus. Just after Huawei officially released a promotional video, the general design of Huawei MatePad was also exposed. Let's take a look. Propaganda

IT home November 21st news According to theglobeandmail news, Huawei company spokesman said on Wednesday that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. lawyers asked the Canadian court to immediately suspend the legal process of extradition of Huawei's chief financial officer Meng Xizhou to the United States. Huawei spokesperson

◆ Strong, disdain for the kindness of the opponent. Positive Solutions produced many friends believe that yesterday (Tuesday) early in the morning, I saw this news: the United States continues to extend the exemption period for China's Huawei. The US Department of Commerce has decided to extend the temporary license for Huawei's commercial transactions for an additional 90 days. That is

In the face of Huawei Mate X, why does the fruit chick tremble with both hands? Why did Samsung Galaxy Fold scream frequently? Why is the folding machine worth 100,000 missing? The current mobile phone is really more expensive to sell. Samsung Galaxy Awesome

Not long ago, the official official of Huawei announced the new member of Huawei's Mate family, Huawei Matepad, which will be a high-end tablet product. According to official sources, this high-end tablet supports stylus and also supports Huawei's multi-screen collaboration capabilities. Now this

On the morning of November 20th, Huawei officially announced the first member of the Sound family: Huawei Sound X, see you on November 25th in Shanghai. Judging from the preheating poster, this speaker was developed by Huawei and Divali. It has a cylindrical design, the upper body is gray, and the lower part is half.

IT House November 20th News Huawei officially announced the repair price of Huawei Mate X (protected or man-made damage), including battery replacement 278 yuan, replacement / repair screen 7080 yuan, replacement / repair motherboard 3579 yuan, replacement

2019.11.20 Wednesday Ali Hong Kong IPO Guide Price or around HK$176 As of 19:19 on November 19, Ali's public offering for subscription of HK$13.6 billion, oversubscribed 4.78 times, the company will be officially priced today.

Lin Chi-ling, you are going out of China! Author: Mr. Qi Source: Roundtable Time (RTtime) 45-year-old Lin Chi-ling married it! On November 17th, in Tainan, China, Lin Chi-ling and her husband AKIRA Kurosawa had a low-key wedding. No best man, no bridesmaid

IT House November 19th News NavInfo announced that recently, the company received an application from Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. regarding the autopilot map data in the area specified by the procurement company. The company will provide Huawei with high-precision map test and verification services. At the same time, both parties will jointly complete Huawei Auto.

[Text / Observer Network Dragon] Last month, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has just been exposed to Huawei's 5G open door, recently German Foreign Minister Haiko • Mas's reversal seems to have responded to the US reassessment and Germany The threat of intelligence sharing. Even though Huawei

On May 16 this year, the United States listed Huawei as a physical list, prohibiting US companies from doing business with Huawei. However, the United States extended its 90-day license in May and August respectively. Today, the United States once again announced the extension of a 90-day temporary license. As of February next year. As for more

IT Home November 19th News Although Huawei's Mate 30 series has not been released worldwide, according to foreign media The Information report, Huawei P40 series flagship will be launched globally. According to reports, Huawei will be in 2020

Titanium Media News|November 19th: The US Department of Commerce issued an announcement on November 18th, local time, announcing the release of a 90-day extension until February 16, 2020. During the period, the US government allowed US companies to continue to work with Huawei and its 114

IT Home November 19th According to the heartfelt community news, although the political discussion surrounding whether to allow Chinese equipment vendors Huawei to participate in the construction of 5G network of Germany's fifth-generation mobile communication technology continues, various operators have begun to promote 5G construction, Both Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom

At the developer conference on August 9 this year, Huawei announced the Hongmon HarmonyOS system. The first product is a smart screen. Other devices may be upgraded to Hongmeng system in the future. In particular, Huawei’s mobile phone, which is the most concerned, has been using Hongmeng system. Not sure. In today's

On November 15th, Huawei Mate X, a 5G folding screen mobile phone that has received much attention, was officially launched, and it was well received by the market. The Mate X, which is priced at 16,999 yuan, was sold out in just one minute. The market is hard to find. Then Mate X was quickly fired by the oxen to 30,000.

IT Home November 18 News According to HC news, New Zealand telecom operator giant Spark said that it not only uses Huawei 5G equipment, but also ranks Huawei as one of the top three preferred suppliers in its multi-device supplier list. Reuters reported that Spark

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