According to the well-known American media, HUAWEI mobile will officially enter the US market in 2018, and will launch a new flagship smartphone with AT&T, a local operator. Now, in the US, HUAWEI mobile can't be bought. Americans want to buy only popular

Bitcoin and other virtual currency prices plummeted to stir up the entire world, and in order to mining, many miners also do not fold means, in addition to a variety of panic buying graphics, professionalmining machine is also unusually hot. For example,

In December 21st, at 10:26 a.m., and four minutes before the strategic cooperation conference, Robin Li, the founder and CEO of Baidu, had not yet taken off the windbreaker, and had a short chat with CEO Yu Chengdong, a HUAWEI customer in a shirt suit. 10

According to foreign media reports, HUAWEI and Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone store, are discussing with the US mobile phone operators Verizon and AT&T about their flagship smartphone in the US in 2018, and plan to enter the US market. Before entering the A

Voice version morning newspaper 12.19 can not be denied, 1, HUAWEI glory mobile phone royalty program: no top capping, 13 level 23 bonus December 18th news, yesterday, the proud employees in HUAWEI's internal forum, the heart of the community posting, sai

Tencent digital news (blue) HUAWEI P11 using a special screen design does not seem to run, after previously leaked firmware the machine is equipped with 6.01 inches Samsung shaped screen message, and users in the micro-blog broke the news in September thi

Zhongguancun online news: the day before, well-known person broke the news on Twitter Roland Quandt news release, HUAWEI will launch a new flagship HUAWEI P11 in the first quarter of next year, the flagship camera and AI artificial intelligence. Mobile ph

The source of | President Ren Zhengfei: a guest 01 years! When it comes to the tender chicken soup of the full screen home, it will be another new year. It doesn't want to plug you in. It just wants us to be able to face life clearly when we are older tha

Seeing the 2017 and two weeks before the official end of the 2017, this also means that the infighting of mobile phone manufacturers who have to enter a short winter break, all have to wait until the new year back again to open a new situation. So let's t

Zhongguancun online news: this year in the field of high-end HUAWEI has released HUAWEI P10, HUAWEI Mate 10 high-end flagship series, but the former for all sorts of reasons, the market suffered embarrassment, which also makes the P series suffered variou

At the end of October, HUAWEI released the Mate series flagship HUAWEI Mate 10 series, with the passage of time, before the release of P series flagship P11 should also be far away, when it comes to the P series, you mind first thought might be P10 sparse

T home for everyone to expose the HUAWEI thousand yuan comprehensive screen new machine to enjoy the release of 7S time. Just now, IT's home found that a lot of 7S versions of the document and complete configuration parameters have been presented to the M

If you are a Android user, I believe you have encountered such a problem: every time you unlock your cell phone, you will receive a bunch of annoying push messages, even though the software is not running in the background. Spam message, a rather annoying

Is it safe for foreign manufacturers to use HUAWEI equipment? HUAWEI's global network security officer John Suffolk recently accepted an interview with India media, he said, HUAWEI telecommunications equipment, there are 70% not from HUAWEI. John Suffolk

With the development of science and technology industry increasingly fierce competition, each also need to play the real thing can keep their own sites, data is developed here can reflect the future competitiveness of enterprises investment. Only with the

In December 7th, HUAWEI said in a HUAWEI Nova 2S conference Huawei Pay will open the traffic card free card in December, about 100 thousand free places, covering 7 areas of traffic card support. And today - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular ne

There is no doubt that AI is a popular noun in the mobile phone industry in the last two years. If the overall screen is to improve the outside of a mobile phone, then AI is more to strengthen its connotation. Current trends in the industry are constantly

The day before, HUAWEI Mate10 appeared in the U.S. Amazon platform, the 4+64G version of the Mate10 pricing of $699, or about 4600 yuan, 6+64G version of Mate10 Pro is priced at $919, about ZAKER, personalized recommendation and hot news, the local author

For HUAWEI, this year's new machines have all been finished, but they are not idle, because according to convention, P11 will be officially unveiled in February next year, so the preparations for it are going on at a fast speed now. Now, the developers of

In December 6th, the West into a high-speed rail line opened to traffic, the running time of Xi'an to Chengdu by train 11 hours shortened to 4 hours. Early in the morning, the opening Hall of Xi'an High Speed Rail North Station waiting hall was held. On t

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