Experts in this article: Zhou Xiaobo, Doctor of Medicine of Shanghai Jiaotong University, I have often heard people say that white hair cannot pull out a long ten. So is there a scientific basis for this widely circulated saying? Today I will tell you the answer. Is a white hair ten long? The answer is: no

Many celebrity mothers with rich hair also post blogs and complain about their hair loss after delivery. Not only celebrities, in fact, the average mother will face the terrible problem of hair loss about six months after giving birth. Do all moms lose hair? After giving birth, most mothers will face several major physiological difficulties: stretch marks, dissection

Recently, some netizens exposed a group of pictures of Qi Qin and Jiao's wife in the same frame, which attracted the attention of netizens. From the photos, we can see that the couple was eating Japanese food in a box on the same day. Since they are family dinners, both of them are very simple in dress. Qi Qin wears a white short sleeve and the hairstyle is not taken care of. his

Remember the blind man who was single 30 times and said he was often bald by the woman? In order to get rid of the order as soon as possible recently, he specially performed a hair transplant surgery, and also plans to lose weight. Zhang is from Linfen City, Shanxi Province, and is 28 years old. In the last four years, more than 30 blind dates, large and small, have not been successful.

Recently, some netizens have exposed a group of photos of Liu Ruoying. It is reported that Rene Liu is attending a recital event organized by Zhang Aijia. As can be seen from the photos, she is very casually dressed, with a dark loose shirt with jeans, sneakers on the feet, leaning on the fence to read the book carefully, and no shelf at all. However, there is a careful network

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