At 7 p. m. on December 24th, the reader called out, calling the smoke of the Hangzhou peace square rolling. According to the reporter, the fire position is located in the electric power company of the intersection of Shaoxing road and Dongxin road. The au

The hot spring bath Taoxi female soup man walked into the little 24 year old, already married, recently in the layout of the wedding to help a friend, on the evening of 19, was invited to Hangzhou hot spring bath Taoxi hotel. Xiao Zhang: no matter whether

At 9 a.m. on December 21, 2017, the Hangzhou intermediate people's court heard a malignant case of four deaths due to the arson of the Hangzhou nanny concerned in the country. However, all the people shocked the scene appeared … … this case

Recently, Xing Xinyao, a primary school student in Hangzhou, left a message to the teacher, teacher Zhu Liang, on the school contact book to remind the teacher not to be a greasy middle-aged man. Mr. Zhu replied: I am in 1994! Love sports! Love to learn!

In December 12, 2017, an aquatic processing plant in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the yard was covered with the dried green fish this year, and there were thousands of secrets. Thousands of caesarean sections were neatly dried on a set of iron shelves, an

In June 22nd this year, Mo Huanjing the babysitter set fire to the employer's family in Zhejiang Hangzhou blue Qianjiang District, after the case led to owner Zhu Xiaozhen and 3 children, a family of 4 killed, Mo Huanjing suspicion of intentional arson, t

Recently, the divorce dispute was adjusted in a court in the city of Hangzhou. Both men and women are neither derailment nor parenting, purely because the idea of spending money is completely different. He's so wonderful that everything asks me for money!

What are the University goddesses in your mind? On campus, there are such a group of people. They are very ordinary. They are hidden in the campus. They can tell the names of the boys in the entire building and who their girlfriends are. A dorm aunt to re

Now, the university campus Shuangxuan already started, 2018 employment curtain. It is understood that the number of college graduates in the country reached 7 million 950 thousand in 2017, and the number of graduates in 2018 is expected to be more innovat

December 1st Zhejiang online news (Zhejiang online reporter Zhang Di making friends of Wu Ting) recently, because a group of videos of Hangzhou subway goddess maxed circle of friends. In Hangzhou subway line two line Wulin gate station, a beautiful beauti

The first two days, Hangzhou Peng port police station received a report, a little girl said that he was touched on the hips. The police brought the man back to the police station, but the man said it was a misunderstanding, and it was all strange that he

December 1st Zhejiang online news (Zhejiang online reporter Zhang Di making friends of Wu Ting) recently, because a group of videos of Hangzhou subway goddess maxed circle of friends. In Hangzhou subway line two line Wulin gate station, a beautiful beauti

"Today's China, today's time, is the best business era." In November 29th, Ma Yun, the president of Zhejiang Merchants Association, shared his thoughts on the current situation at home and abroad by more than 2000 representatives from Zhejiang businessmen

There is a video of a big sister at the Hangzhou East Railway Station on the Internet, only on micro-blog there are 640 thousand of the playback, even the people's network has been forwarded. But this elder sister doesn't know whether there is regret now,

I knew where she meant, knowing that I wouldn't have done this … … the 37 year old dragon squatted in the police station and was deeply remorseful. The day before, he had misunderstood a word of the barber's waitress for 7 days of administra

November 16th, fifth days after double eleven. Hangzhou express little brother Li Guolong updated his circle of friends so busy how long it is, with a small video to be full of express delivery. The previous day, his friend's update time was 1:12 a.m., co

Source: Hangzhou real estate money newspaper (micro signal: qjwbdc) daily economic news authorized reprint Dongpo road property villa, an area of 505 square meters, close to the West Lake, now the owner sincerity Commission, price of 100 million yuan. Wes

Young men and women in blind date map. Photograph: visual Chinese 1990s, little men and women in marriage accounted for 13.32%, 2010 rose to 40.13% Jiedi gradually and male big female small shares recently, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Li

When the car, coach sometimes half jokingly said: you drive carefully Oh, the things you don't mind, I go to jail! Data in the new network reporter Jin Shuo photo actually, this sentence is not really fun, Zhejiang Hangzhou Ling'an a driving school coach

On February 13, 2017, the day before Valentine's day, Mr. Chen took his girlfriend Laurie back to Shanghai. Because of flight delays, their planes landed before Valentine's bell sounded. Aircraft landing smoothly, but the door has not been opened. Hold it

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