Image source @ 视 中国 文 | Arterial Network (ID: vcbeat), author | Zhang Xiaoxu After years of exploration, the Internet hospital finally ushered in policy certainty last year and entered a new stage of development. This year, the construction of Internet hospitals has entered another round of peak periods. According to the Beijing Daily

Criticism of drug price middlemen has a long history. Drug delivery-National distributor-Provincial agency-Pharmaceutical bidding and procurement-District, city and county agency-Pharmaceutical companies-Hospitals-Patients Traditional medicine distribution model. After a medicine leaves the factory, it needs to go through multiple stages of circulation and

The video of soul bargaining by experts at the world's lowest price health insurance bureau is completely hot today. In a few simple round trips, pharmaceutical companies have been able to reduce their quotes from 5.62 yuan to 4.36 yuan, which is not much worse than Double 11. So the question comes: Why are foreign companies willing to accept

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