Recently, the Japanese game magazine "Fami Tong" scored a full score of 40 for "Death Stranded." However, some netizens began to question whether the scores of Famitsu are hydrated. One of their reasons is that the former editor of Famitsu, Hiroshi Hiroshi, also appeared in the game. "

From the media evaluation on November 1 to the ban, and then officially on November 8, the players personally started, the evaluation of "Death Stranded" has been polarized, and its quality is mixed. In the latest PlayStation Access show, Kojima Show

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am a little brother. Recently, Hideo Kojima is a big show. First, the release of "Death Stranded" allowed him to stand in front of the media all over the world. Then, IGN's 6.8 rating made him bear the doubts of everyone, and then "Death Stranded" was Chinese player

"Death Stranded" is on sale soon, Hideo Kojima recently accepted an interview with the BBC and talked about the connection between some global political events and "Abandoned Death." Hideo Kojima said that through the Internet, contemporary people are more likely to connect with each other than ever before, but the reality is that people

Kojima Studios recently announced that it will launch the "Death Stranded" novel written by Nojima, which is divided into two volumes, published by Shinchosha. The novel has now opened an appointment in Nichia, with a price of 693 yen (about 45 yuan) and a price of 737 yen (about 48 yuan).

Buy or Buy The column is intended for shopping guides, providing game descriptions, game version information, and evaluations of games by some foreign media. The game introduces what is the death of the stranded? In a fictitious future, a mysterious explosion occurred around the world, triggering a series of "death stranded" events that changed the world. Since then

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am your brother. The "Death Stranded" file was launched on November 8th, and a large number of fans are looking forward to this express game by Hideo Kojima. However, there is a famous liver emperor who has already obtained the platinum achievement of this game before the game is released.

The producer of "Death Stranded", Hideo Kojima, recently received an interview with the British Film and Television Arts Academy Awards Group in London. In the interview, Kojima revealed his next project and explained why he tends to produce complex content. game. The next work is now ready to start, small

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] Yesterday, the media score of Hideo Kojima's new work "Death Stranded" has been officially lifted, and we can also see a glimpse of "Death Stranded" from the evaluation reports published by major media. Related content (17173 reviews). From a bit of media evaluation

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am scared younger brother! At three o'clock this afternoon, the legendary game producer Kojima Hideo's first game, "Death Stranded," the media score was officially lifted! After all, it is a game made by Hideo Kojima. "Death Stranded" has been expected by global players before it is released, and even by most media

The media evaluation of Hideo Kojima's original innovation "Death Stranded" has been officially lifted. At the time of writing, the game included 36 reviews in Metacritic with an average score of 83 points; Opencritic included 32 reviews with an average score of 85 and a recommendation rate of 76% - ZAKER , personalized recommendation hot news, local authoritative media information

Just now, Hideo Kojima announced the final release of "Death Stranded" at the Paris Game Week. Hideo Kojima said that the notice was specially edited to make it easier for players to understand the story and world view of the game, but the amount of information is still far beyond our imagination. This PS4 version will be available on November 8

The September Star of the Moon finally arrived after everyone waited for a long time, and we want to announce the winners. This club article has a lot of high quality, and the data of the award-winning article may exceed your imagination. Monthly Focus Award-winning article: tastes: Hideo Kojima of bad taste: drugs pod thumbs --ZAKER, personalized recommendations hot news, local media...

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