Korean media said that with the intensification of the repairs in Hong Kong, Korean students have returned to South Korea in consideration of personal safety. According to the Yonhap News Agency on November 14th, the Korean Consulate General in Hong Kong sent vehicles to help more than 40 Korean students studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong leave the city on the 13th.

The mob shot the police three times. (Photo: Hong Kong media is taken from the Hong Kong Police Social Network website) Overseas Network November 14 According to Hong Kong media reports, on the morning of the 14th, a mob shot three times to the police officers. Although it did not cause casualties, the behavior was fatal. RTHK website 14th news, Hong Kong

NetEase Entertainment Special Report November 14th Report Recently, Li Xiang tied Hong Kong and China in the live broadcast, causing heated discussion. On the 14th, she sent a reply: There are many people who have recently paid attention to my live broadcast! Give a lot of valuable advice! First of all, thank you for your support! But there are also people who take it out of context! ! !...

Netease Entertainment reported on November 14th that some netizens pointed out that the famous host Li Xiang was suspected of splitting China when he recommended a certain product on the live broadcast. Li Xiang mentioned, "I don't know if there is any in China. Many high-end department stores in Hong Kong have It", the wording caused a lot of netizens' dissatisfaction. Netizen

"Someone arson & lsquo; Save the port & rsquo;, we read the country!" When the fire of violence raged on the campus of Hong Kong, teachers and students used a class to stick to it, using actual actions to send unyielding cry to violence. On November 13th, the mob launched a "three strikes" and eight in Hong Kong.

As we have seen, in the past three days, successive large-scale violence has pushed Hong Kong into an extremely dangerous situation. The mobs slammed traffic, set fire in the subway, burned ordinary citizens, beat the campus, attacked mainland students … … these bottom-line behaviors, let’s

Since the emergence of the Hong Kong amendments, the Taiwan authorities have been supporting the mob and speculating on the situation in Hong Kong. Tsai Ing-wen first claimed to provide so-called humanitarian assistance to the people of Hong Kong. Later, when Chen Tongjia intended to surrender to Taiwan, she was obstructed. She even robbed the Hong Kong police on the 11th.

On the 13th, some people on the social media broke the account of Niujie No. 5 and published many screenshots of inappropriate comments in Hong Kong in the WeChat group, which caused public concern. The netizen said in the group that the so-called thugs are children, and they are not dead alone. Some netizens expressed their anger.

Wenhui News Dagong Wenhui full media report: Hong Kong today (13th) many universities decided to cancel the rest of the semester. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology stated that all classes were cancelled and the courses were changed to online teaching. The examination arrangements were made separately by the teacher. Hong Kong Baptist University said that all classes were...

PingWest Play November 13th, Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) submitted preliminary prospectus documents on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange website, plans to issue 500 million new shares of common stock through the global offering, and on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange The main board is listed. According to the disclosure,

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Yan Shuang [Global Times - Global Network Reporter Zhang Wei] On November 13, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Yan Shuang hosted a regular press conference. A reporter asked the president of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee that he hopes the Senate will pass a bill to support the demonstrations in Hong Kong.

On November 7th, the student of the City University of Hong Kong and the “anti-China messenger spokesperson” Shao Yong accepted an interview with a German media. When the host asked questions about the use of violent rationality, Shao Yong’s eyes were hiding and hiding incoherently. The host also questioned, "You can't even look at my face and condemn this.

The EU issued a statement on the 12th local time, saying that the most important thing in Hong Kong is to stop the violence. Recently, violent demonstrations in Hong Kong have continued and even spread to many university universities, and student safety issues have turned red. On the evening of the 11th, a group of masked black rioters broke into the position of Guo Yuan, the president of the...

After the campus was attacked by a large number of black rioters and destroyed by fire, the Chinese University of Hong Kong Student Union tried to apply for an injunction to the High Court against the support of the opposition police and the Gang of Four. According to Hong Kong media such as Wenhui.com reported on November 13th, the Hong Kong University Students Association

Text / Chen Ma Shan Source: Epoch Story Gallery (ID: epochstory2017) Desire She said that because I don't have money over the double eleven, it is more real than many others. Aunt lived in a boudoir in Hong Kong. It’s really a good pigeon cage. It’s difficult to turn around.

[Text / Qiang Gong] The era of the 19th century, which Hobbsbaum called the empire, was the era when Western capitalist powers established colonies around the world. The British Empire was a symbol of global politics in the nineteenth century. However, the two world wars of the twentieth century destroyed the global political system of the nineteenth century.

The following article is from a reasonable child, the author has 500 to 5000 pieces of face - this is the average student to participate in the riots. The amount of money depends on the size of the parade, the position in the ranks, the level of violence, whether it attacks the police, etc. Female demonstrators are higher than men. 30,000 - this is a

Recently, Bloomberg published a report titled "How False News and Proverbs Incited Hong Kong to Split", which not only talked about the problem that Hong Kong's public opinion field has been overwhelmed by fake news, but also mentioned that protesters are using it. The rumors demonized the police and the Hong Kong government. Recently led

[Global Network Reporter Cui Tianya] A number of Hong Kong media reported on the 11th that a Japanese tourist was smuggled by a mob (a lynching) while shooting a demonstration in Hong Kong. On the 12th, Japanese Foreign Minister Mao Mumin filled the news at the press conference.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 12th The spokesman of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, Yang Guang, spoke on the 12th about the criminal acts of Hong Kong mobs smashing the ordinary citizens. They strongly condemned the mobs and demanded that the perpetrators be arrested as soon as possible and punished according to law. Yang Guang said that November 11

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