On February 17, 1994, 44-year-old Tan Yonglin released a Cantonese song titled "Can't Say Goodbye": Floating waves are like crowds, but I don't miss them; it's better to go forward or retreat. Can't say goodbye. He used to be spirited, but now he is a gentle old man

According to a number of Hong Kong media reports, the Assistant Commander, Mong Kok District Assistant Commander Lu Mou, leaked photos of the police's response to the demonstrations on the night of the New Year's Eve on December 31, 2019, and the photos were circulated online. Lu Mou has been suspended from the position of auxiliary police officer for disciplinary violations and has undergone a...

(Observer.net) Chen Zhaoshi, director of the Food and Health Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, said on January 4 that a total of 7 suspected cases of unidentified pneumonia after visiting Wuhan have been reported in Hong Kong. Four of them have been discharged and the remaining three are in stable condition. On the same day, the SAR Government announced

The following article is from the Beijing Daily. The author Beijing Daily On January 1st and 2nd, the outer walls of the Hong Kong High Court and the Court of Final Appeal were graffitied by thugs, and some judges were named and abused. In response, the Hong Kong Department of Justice, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, the Bar Association and the Law Society successively...

News from the Guo family among the four major families in Hong Kong! The 69-year-old Guo Bingjiang will return to the world to become a senior director of the Sun Hung Kai Properties subsidiary! The Kuo Tak Shing family, the Li Ka Shing family, the Lee Siu Kee family, and the Zheng Yutong family are known as the four wealthiest and most powerful men in Hong Kong

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] Hong Kong East Network and other Hong Kong media reported on the 3rd that a senior executive of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, who is also an auxiliary police officer, has been suspended and under investigation. Ventilation report, leaked police deployment. According to Dongwang, this person is the computer director of the Hospital Authority.

During the New Year's Day holiday, there were black mobs everywhere in Hong Kong. Hong Kong police decisive action eventually arrested 420 people, the youngest of whom was only 12 years old. It is reported that the mother of one of the arrested people broke his heart after learning that his son had been arrested, and struggled to sleep at night at 11:50

Sino-British political relations are tense, and China suspends Shanghai-London Stock Connect. The news, which was first reported by Reuters on the 2nd, has aroused great concern. Shanghai-London Stock Connect was launched in June 2019 and refers to the interconnection mechanism between the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

[Global Times Special Correspondent Yang Weimin in Hong Kong] Since the outbreak of a law-breaking storm in Hong Kong, the police have for the first time cracked illegal radio stations designed to assist radical demonstrators. According to Hong Kong's "Sing Tao Daily" reported on the 2nd, police found that many conflicts in the past include October 1st and October last year.

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, January 2 The Hong Kong Police said on the 2nd that in the past few days, police have arrested a total of 420 people over violent demonstrations triggered by a storm of amendments, the youngest of whom was only 12 years old. Police are concerned about the arrest of many young people and reiterate that anyone who breaks the law will be punished by the law

China Women's News Editorial Department has identified the top ten female figures in 2019 (in order of surname strokes) Wang Xiaoyun1, Wang Xiaoyun deciphered five top-level passwords Wang Xiaoyun in ten years, born in August 1966, and born in Zhucheng, Shandong. Professor Yang Zhenning, Tsinghua University, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, International Cryptography

Source: What are the impressions of black tech life friends on Hong Kong? The rich and prosperous metropolis is rowing against the skyscrapers, racing against the clock, and the stock market is indifferent and ruthless infernal skyscrapers, expensive sports cars? Famous brand tide brand, high-end restaurant? Maybe there are, but some truth behind Hong Kong ’s bustling luxury is even more...

In response to foreign politicians sending open letters to approve the police ’s violence, the Hong Kong SAR Government News Network issued a 2,300-word press release at 1.01 am on the 1st, refuting the misleading and misleading statements in the open letter signed by foreign politicians and people. The press release stated that foreign Politicians and groups should not do it in any way

Netease Entertainment reported on December 31. On December 31, Lin Feng announced that he would marry: My 2019, life has entered a new stage, and you will be with us in the years to come, my wife @ 张 馨 月, thank you for your blessings and thanks for having See you in 2020.

Hong Kong police said on the 30th that in the past few days, thugs and their supporters smashed and damaged in multiple shopping malls in Hong Kong, and once tried to snatch police officers with guns. On 28 and 29, the police arrested a total of 34 people, including charges of illegal assembly and assaulting a police officer. Hong Kong Police

Apple Daily, a member of the Gang of Four who caused disasters in Hong Kong, was accused of spreading a lot of false news. The lawsuit was filed by Hong Kong China Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. The chairman and chief executive of the company were recently slandered by fake agents Wang Liqiang as the Chinese spy in Hong Kong and Taiwan

According to Taiwan media reports, the mainland Chinese exchange student Liu who broke the wall of Tsinghua University Student Union ’s campus in support of the Hong Kong thug Lennon and was prosecuted by the Tsinghua University Students ’Union was recently sentenced to 6,000 Taiwan dollars for the crime of damaging other people ’s goods Fines or six days of hard labor. From Hong Kong

[Global Network Report] A case of stealing a public light bus occurred in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong this morning (29th). Surprisingly, the arrestees were only 13 to 14 years old. According to Hong Kong's "Headline Daily" reported on the 29th, the police received a report from a passerby at 2:34 am today, saying that

I was able to successfully invite Yang Runxiong, the director of the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, to conduct an exclusive interview. To be honest, some were unexpected. It's not that government officials would put it on display, but that Yang Runxiong's position is really arrogant in the context of the recent Hong Kong society. In the past six months, some...

Source: Perspective Index Real estate tour and portrait in a city. When the "Policy Report" was released on October 16, and the mortgage policy was relaxed, many people think that the policy can promote transactions and maintain the stability of property prices. Will this be a retrospective reflection, or will the real estate market meet Dawn? Opinion Index

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