With the outbreak of China's video payment service, live concert as an important member of the service, or will become the next blue video payment. December 31st evening 19

[CI Wen media subsidiary on TV and Hunan TV broadcasting rights matters signed 258 million contracts] CI Wen media December 19th afternoon announcement that the controlling subsidiaries

Mango music as the music, to see the passion of the two platforms collision!

"Every day" on Friday broadcast of the program, every day the brothers for the Shandong Qingdao initiative

About the artist termination problem, it is very common. The most famous is South Korea's SM, now the most red meat, deer Han, Wu Yifan, Huang Zitao are from this

May 24th, the blogger "Mango mother" through the micro-blog broke the news that OD will return to Hunan TV, this week appeared in He Jiong's new program "through the fresh Sunday",

The afternoon of April 9th, as "I am a singer" summit will host Shen Mengchen released a long micro-blog, said as the moderator of the peak is not a small challenge for me, but for their mistakes and tense to you even say "sorry", but also a sense of tole

Since April, "every day" a new revision, formally joined the everyday brothers DaZhangWei is often brought and Odie comparison, the net exposure is to replace the role of Odie. It is reported that recently DaZhangWei traced with the broker has licensing,

"Mango Mama" micro-blog screenshot Phoenix Entertainment News May 24th, blogger

In the traditional media generally bad mouthing the today, TV even if it is no longer past a thriving, but still because of a large variety of rise and continue to play a dominant role

"The sound of male" was Hunan TV's first project, eventually moved to Jiangsu. 3, electronic music program "guise music heroes", Psy, Wang Lee Hom, Harlem Yu, Phoenix legend as captain, captain of the formation of the team, self invited 90 artists involve

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