Apptopia, a startup that tracks revenue and usage in the mobile app market, said that the in-app purchase revenue of the short video app TikTok, which is popular in the international market, increased by 310% year-on-year. By Adam Blakcer on Twitter

Injecting huge sums of money into private companies that lack a sustainable business model has turned out to be a bad idea. Although Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, Slack, and WeWork have suffered disastrous IPOs, you can be confident that they are not

Injecting huge sums of money into private companies that lack a sustainable business model has turned out to be a bad idea. Although Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, Slack, and WeWork have suffered disastrous IPOs, you can be confident that they are not

On December 28, a new amendment to the Securities Law was considered and passed. The new amendment abolished the issuance review committee system. This means that the 26-year-old issuance and review committee that has controlled the listing of domestic A shares will withdraw from the stage of history. In that year, there were members of the Development and Audit Committee

[Lunyun (WeChat :)] reported on December 28 (Compiled: Glenn East) Injecting huge sums of money into private companies lacking a sustainable business model has turned out to be a bad idea Although Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, Slack, and We

Sina Technology News On the afternoon of December 27th, Beijing time, according to IFR, a Reuters media report today, Rouyu Technology, a Chinese flexible screen manufacturer, is considering an IPO in the US with a maximum financing of US $ 1 billion. Rouyu Technology was established in 2012

Under the tide of polarization of listed dairy companies, a small and medium-sized dairy company still wants to impact the A-share listing. However, Yiming shares are not the same as traditional dairy companies. The company raises its own cattle, manufactures its own dairy products, engages in cold chain transportation, and sells its own offline stores. In order to cooperate with Yiming's fresh...

Author | Cat Brother Source | Big Cat Finance (ID: caimao_shuangquan) 01 On Saturday, the Chinese long-established Hongmao Medicinal Wine, which has a long history of 280 years, won another award. Hosted by the Chinese Medicine Association of China on December 21st

Rising tariffs are the life-saving straw for Indian telecommunications companies Airtel and Vodafone Idea, but for Reliance Jio, a 4G network service provider founded by India's richest man Mukesh Ambani, it is a road to success

Recently, it is reported that Blue Moon is considering listing on the Hong Kong stock market next year, and plans to raise about 400 million US dollars. Blue Moon, which has received Gao Capital's investment, is in discussions with potential consultants. Once this news was released, it immediately aroused heated discussions. Blue Moon went public, Blue Moon went to Hong Kong for an IPO, etc.

On December 20, the CSRC issued IPO approvals for three companies, and did not disclose the amount of funds raised. The three companies are: Aopu Household Co., Ltd., Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Yitian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Data show that the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail company is 20

After six months of mediation, the English training giant's independent IPO still failed. A few days ago, Midland English announced that it had reached a final acquisition agreement with EdtechX Holdings, a US-listed company. The two parties will reorganize into Meten EdtechX.

Sina Science and Technology News on the evening of December 13th, Beijing time. According to foreign media reports, Airbnb, a travel home rental platform, said today that by the end of this year, the company has paid 2 billion in tourism and occupancy taxes to the government. US dollars. In addition, Airb

The co-working unicorn WeWork's IPO abortion did not scare off its peers. Its Chinese rival Youke Factory submitted a prospectus to the SEC on December 11 and sought to list on the New York Stock Exchange. The size of the investment was not disclosed. Youke Factory was established

It came, it came, it came in green shoes. On December 8, the Postal Savings Bank issued the "IPO Public Offering (A Share) Listing Announcement" showing that the bank's A shares will be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 10, 2019.

With the change of name and the previous changes in legal representative, rumors of Dada Group's independent listing have become more and more loud. Every reporter Chen Keyuan Every editor Wang Lina Picture source: Every reporter Zhang Haini Photographed by Dada and JD

[Lunyun (WeChat :)] reported on December 4 (Compiled: Zheng Yi) According to foreign media reports, food delivery startup Postmates, which competes with Uber, DoorDash and GrubHub, has fired dozens of employees, and shut down

Author | Ren Qian Liu Quan Reports | Investment PEdaily Remember the National PE? Almost crazy. Recalling the past in 2010, Shao Bingren, the chairman of the China Equity Investment Fund Association, was impressed.

[Lunyun (WeChat :)] reported on November 25 (compiler: Oiler) just before Airbnb's planned IPO in 2020, the company lost an important executive. Belinda Johnson in an email to employees Friday

Author | Li Jun Source | Junshi Taibao (ID: taibaocaijing) is not far from Ali's official landing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. At 9 o'clock this morning, Alibaba launched the Hong Kong public offering. According to the rules, the selling price is not higher than HK$188 per share.

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