Jin Xiuxian reported on Netease Entertainment on December 16. According to Taiwan media reports, she stood out from the fierce competition and successively won the actress Jin Xiuxian who won the opportunity to perform in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. (Today's stage names Xiuxian, Claudia Ki

As everyone knows this year, during the LPL transfer period, the biggest discussion and concern that has caused the IG's departure from the JKL team from the beginning was to join EDG, and then vowed to go to TES, and now join the SN at the sky-high price About JKL's whereabouts

The mysterious big brother in the live broadcast of the doll broke the news: 1. JackeyLove's salary is 3500W, Xiaolongbao is about the same as him, and about 500w less. 2. The LPL team reported 6000W transfer fee to TheShy, and T1 reported 100W USD (

According to Hong Kong media reports, the artist Wang Mingquan (Liza) played a social networking site and created a Wang A Tag, which set off a wave of enthusiasm. Recently, she and the old partner Zheng Shaoqiu went to Genting to perform on stage. Subsequently, Liza took a photo with her on ig. Qiu

Vasilii will lift the ban on December 10 next year. The foreign media DOT ESPORTS released a content, mainly about Vasilii's suspected domestic violence ban, which will be lifted in 2020. As we all know, Vasilii in 2

Xiaoxiao's identity as a slave is only to shake hands with WE. Recently, the League of Legends officially announced Mike Crazy during the LPL All-Star Game, also to let the audience better understand the wonderful dialogue between these players and coaches on the field. After all, the All-Star Game is mainly entertainment, so everyone is in the wheat

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Hello everyone, this is Zheng Jing game. I am Zheng Jing. The first LPL All-Star Game on December 1 is undoubtedly attracting the attention of all players. Star players from all walks of life come back for a few days. In addition to the GS battle led by The Shy and UZI

Net exposure SKT almost talked about TheShy! The ESPN reporter broke a shocking news. It was true that T1 on the Internet had contacted TheShy before! And this transaction almost became the reason. This message

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Xiaoxiao whispered to ridicule Ruofeng LPL All-Star Game came to an end last weekend. Among them, the legendary showdown between old IG and old WE also attracted many people's attention. After all, after the legendary showdown, the two sides started a scolding battle directly. Full of the effect of this legendary showdown. Via BO2

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The LPL's All-Star Weekend is about to kick off. The anticipation between the old IG and the old WE is coming soon! From the previous two teams' training record, the old IG looks stronger than the old WE. A few points, but that ’s just a training match after all, in case it ’s a big nose

The Lakers sang into Beijing on December 1st. Yesterday, the Lakers beat the Wizards at home, and the Lakers won 10 consecutive victories. Today, the Lakers star LeBron James showed a video of his goal in yesterday's game on IG and quoted the lyrics of a rap song

TheShy won the most popular award in Beijing on November 30, LPL All-Star Weekend settled in Hainan, the first day of this All-Star Weekend is a well-known award ceremony. In this award ceremony, TheShy from iG team won the most popular of the year

TheShy Live Blue Live Studio TheShy has disappeared for a long time since S9 was finished. Although the iG team announced recently that Shy will not leave the team, this reassurance pill can still not soothe players' emotions. Recently, netizens finally captured in the royal live broadcast room

Hyunya NetEase Entertainment reported on November 30. According to Taiwan media reports, South Korea ’s sexy young Mustang Hyunya was invited to participate in the AFA Asian Fashion Awards on the 30th. It was the first exposure after a public illness

SKT has thrown sky-high prices to sign the iG order TheShy, which has been confirmed by ESPN. And ESPN said that the buyout price given by SKT is the highest price in LOL history. The news immediately triggered an explosion of LPL player groups, scaring

The LOL winter transfer window is getting more and more intense, and the person with the second highest annual salary in the world may be born. Note that what is said here is that the annual salary is not worth. According to previous news, the highest annual salary in the world should be the 3-year contract price offered to Faker by SKT. Then the second highest person is

Jun Ze mixed into the old iG training match. Since Ruofeng replaced Aruka and then started on Weibo, it should have been a light-hearted entertainment match that was also full of gunpowder. As the All-Star weekend approached, the old iG also began to prepare for the battle. Recently, several old brothers formed a five-row match together.

Some time ago, the League of Legends officially decided to organize an old WE vs. old IG demonstration game at the LPL All-Star Game. In order to complete this exhibition game, the official also invited several old players from that year to participate in this game. And just after the roster of both sides broke out, the former WE captain if

Aruka tweeted that Ruofeng LPL All-Star Game was originally an entertaining exhibition game. This time, it also prepared the old WE's feelings battle against the old IG. As a result, the players of the old WE and the old IG were not expected to tear up first. stand up. The main process was that Sika was exposed during the live broadcast.


IG official blog rumors TheShy transfer news With the arrival of the transfer period, all teams currently have player contracts expired, how to build a new season lineup has become a topic of concern to each team fans. Recently, IG is still the topic of discussion. With A Shui becoming a free person, many fans are hoping

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