India ’s 8-year-old girl, Dabrama, started to have a strange body from April this year. Her ears and nose began to flow red liquid, and even the sweat on her body was red. This symptom appears at least 5 times a day, and lasts for about 10 minutes each time, terrifying the girl's family. After preliminary

It is difficult for Alibaba to appear in India, but each track will have giant Multiply Ventures, founded by former Alibaba, Myntra, and Flipkart executives, who consider themselves the best partners for Chinese investors in India. Biggest investment in Alibaba and its India

In India, a man does not eat or drink every day, relying on eating soil to live. It is reported that the man named Nukara, 48 years old, lives in a village in Andhra Pradesh. According to him, he not only eats soil every day, but can even replace the dinner. He eats up to one kilogram a day. He also performed this in front of the camera.

[Global Times reporter in India Hu Bofeng Wang Yi] On the 14th local time, Indian Foreign Minister Su Jiesheng attended the "India Express" commemoration and gave a speech on Indian foreign policy. He said that the structure of the international order is undergoing profound changes. American nationalism, China's rise, Britain's Brexit

Recently, the US quartz network ( broadcasted a program to discredit China's construction of the Internet in Africa. Unexpectedly, this program has caused a lot of dissatisfaction among Indian netizens because of a very amateur big oolong. It turned out that in this issue, when China built the Internet for you,

Speaking of it, the aesthetic between China and India is definitely a gap. For example, what we Chinese people mainly admire is white. That is, the value of the face is not enough, the skin color to make up, as long as your face is white and white teeth white, even if the facial features are not delicate, it is still called a beautiful woman. Especially the invasion of Japanese and Korean...

On November 4th, the 3rd Leaders Meeting of the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement) was held in Bangkok. The meeting issued a joint statement of leaders, announcing that 15 other negotiating parties except India have concluded all 20 chapters. Text negotiation, market access negotiation

[Global Network Reporter Wen Jiayue] In India, there are often passengers who are good at railroads and even pay the price of their lives. According to today's report on Russia (RT) on November 8, in order to change the status quo, the West Rail of India has come up with a trick: They let a railway protection force

Spain's "National News" published in the November 4 issue entitled "Indian Onion Crisis Affects Half the World" reported that this year's floods and monsoon rains in India caused onion production to drop, and inventory fell by 35%, which led to the Indians' table. The price of major vegetables has skyrocketed threefold. To reduce inflation and

In the past two days, a photo of a local Indian government employee wearing a helmet working in a dilapidated office became popular. As for the reason, "India Today" is described on the 4th, it is heartbreaking … … map from Twitter "India Today": government employees wear helmets in the office (

[Global Network Report] Hou Jiaxin] India News 18 News Network November 3 reported that a man in India has dressed up as a bride every day for 30 years, and the reason for this is: worried about the death of family members. The report said that the man was named Qiao Han (Chin

The Third Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) Leaders Meeting was held in Bangkok on the 4th. After the meeting, the leaders of the 16 countries said that the 15 member states of the RCEP have concluded all text negotiations and virtually all market access negotiations. , ready to sign the agreement next year

Abstract: We are not trying to grab business with Internet cafes, but relying on venues to build our own e-sports ecosystem. Text| WeChat public number (ID:passagegroup), author|Luo Ruiqi at the beginning of October, the main road of the Indiranagar district of Bangalore

It is reported that a 2 year old boy in India has become friends with more than 20 monkeys. He plays with monkeys every day. The local people are very curious to come to visit this wonderful sight. Click the picture into the next page of the subtitle, ARA

Beijing, December, 28, according to the website of the Chinese Embassy in India, a number of Chinese citizens have been arrested, fined, investigated, prosecuted or even sentenced by law enforcement agencies for alleged violations of India's local laws in

Often play "Battle Royale", "wild action" this kind of game player known as chicken of Gillette clothing should not unfamiliar, the role of the game once wearing Gillette suits, will greatly enhance the ability of self hiding. The tank has a similar Gille

When the festival arrived, India was busy cleaning up the portal, but it was expected to be countered. According to the normal practice in Maldives to strengthen economic ties with Beijing, India resorted to underhand, mardel began to manipulate the oppos

This spring The Belt and Road Beijing international summit, neighboring countries have come, even the original suspicion of the United States and Japan, finally also sent representatives to gongxiangshengju. Only one country, resolutely not. Which country

Abstract: 24, China's first large-scale fire / water rescue amphibious aircraft AG600 in Guangdong Zhuhai Kun long successful first flight. China Kun long amphibious aircraft's maiden voyage has also attracted the attention of the media and netizens aroun

Recently, in a high-tech equipment exhibition, we announced a new chip, which broke the monopoly of foreign countries and made our radar able to equip the domestic chip. This chip is Hua Rui I, the DSP chip we have developed independently. In 2009, this c

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