Local time on November 28th, the U.S. delegation to the first daughter Ianka Trump led India arrived in Andhra Pradesh capital Hyderabad, the opening ceremony of the global entrepreneurship summit in 3 days. Ivanka delivered a speech at the opening ceremo

The American quartz website was published in the November 27th article entitled "India Japan is combining power to defeat China in the Asian space race". The article refers to the India space research organization (ISRO) and the Japan Aerospace Research a

This week, the first American daughter Ianka Trump will lead the US delegation to India and participate in the summit of entrepreneurs in Hyderabad, southern China. As the daughter of the president of the United States, she will encourage female entrepren

[compiled observer network /‍ Zhang Heng ‍ India] hole Lang confrontation was a few months before the end of the India, in the field of Chinese personnel confirm that their cross-border personnel and equipment to withdraw all India territorial lin

IT house November 26th news, according to IT's home 14 in November, the latest quarterly smartphone data released by IDC show that millet has become the largest mobile phone brand in the third quarter of 2017 in India. The day before, the largest commerci

Overseas network on 25 November, India sea air force recently in an Dammam - Nicobar Islands conducted large-scale military exercises, the guardian of islands in Western Malacca Strait exports, considered by India occupy a strategic position. Indian media

A man was recently struck by a freight train at a railway station in northern Uttar Pradesh, India. Fortunately, the man finally. Onlookers witnessed this miracle, and someone filmed live video. According to witnesses, this - ZAKER, personalized recommend

The wreckage of the plane crashed overseas network on 24 November, 24 local time, a female pilot training aircraft of India air force driving suddenly caught fire in the air, then rushed to the ground, crashed in the telingana state agricultural field, bu

For the TOEFL oral exam, average Chinese candidates have been below 20 points, and our neighbors in the India brothers and their pronunciation was maintained at about 23, this let us wonder why India, English pronunciation is so special, why the TOEFL sco

After the [Global Times correspondent in India Wang] in the United States and Japan proposed to promote the establishment of Japan Australia India strategic dialogue, Indian media have excited claims that India has become an important fulcrum of the U.S.

Data map: India Agni ballistic missile on parade. (photos from the network) Reference News Network reported on November 24th, recently, domestic and foreign media have reported that China's new intercontinental ballistic missile Dongfeng -41 will be in th

This strange thing is not unusual in India. A group of farmers in India recently encountered a strange thing on the train: they had taken the night train home, did not expect to wake up, but found that the train has been in the wrong direction of 160 kilo

A 4 and a half year old boy in Delhi, India, was admitted to school because of sexual assault at school. According to the India times 23, the victim was a 4 year old girl who told her that the boy had sexually raped himself with his fingers and pencils. I

Recently, a India worker came across a group of mysterious creatures and almost regarded them as aliens. A video recorded at the scene, these feathered creatures were found in the state of India Ande Visakhapatnam (Visakhapatnam) on the site, the worker w

In India and has been recently Bollywood, the national film was not released and even threatened to kill a public anger heroine - this movie is "Queen Padma Waed". The film was originally released in December 1st, but from the beginning of last week into

Due to historical reasons, the relationship between the former suzerain Britain and the former colonial India has always been a very sensitive topic. For many people in India, the negative spiritual heritage of British colonialism and its sense of humilia

Before the start of the story, a small sharp first for everyone to see a few special photos: "the haze siege in the northern Indian city at first glance, these picture hazy, drab photos, like either taken in four or five years ago, or is the use of comput

A spate of a number of young people for self died after the accident, India southern Karnataka government plans to carry out operations, Caution! Warned the public self, otherwise you may die. BBC reported screenshot photos of drowning in the occasion of

The India army has recently broken a world record that is likely to be broken only by indians. According to India media local time reported on November 19th, the India Army Special Service Regiment (English abbreviation ASC) the legendary motorcycle perfo

The United Kingdom has tried to stop India from gaining the seat of the International Court of justice in the United Nations. The India times website made the announcement 19 days ago, saying that India and the United Kingdom will fall into the biggest di

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