A huge market, attracted the brightest people to enter the field of Internet TV, music as millet, cool open, storm, popular, this is not the only one. The popularity of the industry has led to the controversy of the business model, which is the most repre

September 2013, millet launched its first own brand TV, as of now, there are curved TV, split TV, HDR TV and other categories.

From May 2013, the launch of the first music as its own brand of television began, as of the end of October 2016, the music as a super TV cumulative sales of nearly 9 million units.

The magazine media streaming network combing the 9 Internet TV manufacturers in 2016 on track, including strategy, product, content and surrounding.

There is CIBN license operators, under the intelligent terminal brand has global flag of Guangdong China Zhida radio international country, responsible for its new media terminal business strategy.

At present, a micro television coverage of the 43 inch, 49 inch, 50 inch, 55 inch, 78 inch multiple dimensions.

Founded in 2006, SKYWORTH's cool open Internet TV brand, over the years has been focused on intelligent product independent research and development. April 2015, cool open to achieve independent operation.

December 7th, CIAVC on the eve of China Network audio-visual program service association released the "2016 China Network Audio Visual Development Research Report".

(reporter Duan Chenqun) "the hotheaded person began to suffer", the day before, SKYWORTH Group CEO Yang Dongwen in an interview in SKYWORTH interim results conference said. The industry said that the future of the LCD panel price or continue to rise, this

Today, whether it is to do or do hardware, is an industry of coexistence and win-win era, any company can not take.

Home appliance industry price war is commonplace, especially, in recent years, the traditional domestic TV giant defeated many foreign companies, the current share of more than 70%.

Today, SONY held a "eye-opening" as the theme of the new summer conference in Shanghai, SONY TV spokesperson, just won the Magnolia Award for best actor

Today I have eight hundred and eighteen Internet TV this slightly mysterious battlefield. Here, really quiet?

Open ecology can introduce more partners to the collision point more in cooperation with the spark. Perhaps the smart TV industry to update a more win-win business model, will be born in the spark of these collisions are born.

"XX brand smart TV, XX inch as long as the x888 home! "The birth of a few years of smart TV, in a blink of an eye has been linked to the township market can be seen everywhere. This

Nelson wanglian released the "2015 Chinese Internet TV Development Research Report" shows that this year will become the China Internet TV (OTT) one of the fastest growing year, covering all the user month to achieve a 100% growth year, active users reach

Recently, the research released by Nielsen ccdata media "Chinese Internet TV users and Industry Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), a detailed analysis of the mutual China

Nelson wanglian "China Internet TV users and Industry Research Report", a detailed analysis of the Chinese Internet TV user portrait and content preferences, so, how to attract users attention?

After more than 5 years of development, the domestic OTT TV industry has ups and downs, but has not been able to reach the other side is described as the future of the other side. There are those who are full of ideals.

Non ecological content, open the new future of Internet TV ecosystem

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