Japan's China copycat diplomacy, has also played awfully, this year has been fifth times! Recently, Japanese Minister of foreign affairs, Kawano Taro, visited Jerusalem and the West Bank of the Jordan River, and held talks with the heads of Palestine and

In recent years, the war Oratorio in bizarre plot, poor props to make military fans very distasteful, although the recent 2 years has improved, but Sherman M1 such brain hole still keep the overhead weapon, recently found ZAKER Oolong appeared again premi

The map is the F35B aircraft of the US Marine Corps, which is a shortcut to the revival of the Japanese mobile fleet, but it can also lead Japan to a dead end. (data map) the Phoenix military Phoenix army commentary in December 26th has a special meaning

The -11B12 11 China air force dispatched detonation -6K, f -11B and reconnaissance aircraft, AWACS, refueling aircraft to carry out offshore training, later, Japan's defense ministry integration staff supervision department discloses the ocean training im

Recently, the population dynamic statistics released by the Japanese Ministry of health estimates that this year, Japan's new born population of only 941 thousand people, a record in 1899 is the lowest value since the statistics. An estimate shows that th

The Internet recently appeared a suspected prototype J-10 modified vector nozzle photos, so many friends are happy about China military for a long time, compared to the year on military forum said the so-called evidence f -20 what is micro vector, it is o

China needs to realize the pattern of four or five aircraft carriers as soon as possible. The Japanese take Izumo battleship expanded into landing F-35B stealth fighter aircraft carrier, which is the latest reported Kyodo News Agency Monday. Reported that

[observer network synthesis] according to Japanese media reports, on December 23rd, the Japanese palace hall held an event in the imperial residence on the same day to celebrate the 84 year birthday of emperor Akihito, and open the public to attend the ce

The Japanese people for the emperor's birthday [global network correspondent in Japan, Jiang Feng] today is the Japanese emperor Akihito 84 years old birthday, this correspondent in Japan, the Japanese Imperial Household Agency General Jiang Fengying invi

In December 19th, Philippines's navy commander Mccardo (or Mercado) will suddenly be dismissed. According to the Philippines armed forces spokesman Colonel A Lee Valo on the day of the 19 generation of disclosure, get rid of McCarthy instructions from sup

The recent film "green" Tinghuo, the protagonist is the art troupe in youth, repeated tangled and choice, should be everywhere, art troupe was dissolved. This ensemble is dissolved plot, is the world trend, but there is one exception -- is the Asian count

Disservice has become the basic state of mind in Japan, and China's industrial output value is equal to the sum of the United States and Japan. Whether Europe, the United States, Japan or some very small small countries, China's manufacturing has become a

Photo source: the Taiwan United News Network (global network comprehensive report) recently, the mainland military aircraft frequently around the platform, causing high attention from all sides in the island. Taiwan Defense Department responded 19 days ag

Chinese air force spokesman Colonel Shen Jinke today (18 days) announced in East China airport said the air force in Chinese dispatched 18 bombers, fighter, reconnaissance and other type of fighter planes, flying over the sea of Japan to the system of int

Recently, the famous American Q & a website Quora an article about India and China manufacturing articles comparing the suddenly fire — — this article not only by the mainstream media outlets, also received millions of overseas users reading a

Gourd to sell medicine again?! Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo will be the basic decision, I put forward the so-called liberal India Pacific strategy and The Belt and Road links to promote the initiative. Japan's Kyodo news agency, 18 daily in December

The China Su rocks near the sea. The 5 Chinese military aircraft flew into the South Korean Air Defense Identification Zone today, according to a sudden release in December 18th. Yonhap reported that the screenshot, Yonhap, quoted the message from the Joi

[World Wide Web Roundup] according to Kyodo news agency, 15 PM afternoon, Japanese Foreign Minister Kawano Taro held a press conference at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, indicating that Japan will participate in the 2022 UN Security Council'

An airline company named Ispace in Japan said yesterday that it had raised $90 million 200 thousand in the first round of funding for the first round of the moon project. It also marks the first round of the space project, except for the United States. In

In December 14, the network data DV 13, all over Japan and constantly found unidentified boats and bodies. The Japanese maritime security department issued a message that as of the morning of 13, 83 drifting events were confirmed in 2017, creating a new h

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