Japanese anime is famous all over the world, and there are many excellent sports cartoons. In the third round of the 98th Japan High School Football National Competition, a comic-like drama appeared. 1 second before the end of the game, Changping players will kill the opponent in a 1 to 3 situation! Against both sides, it is Changpinghe

Data sheet of former Nissan Motor Chairman Ghosn [Global Times Special Correspondent in Japan Sun Xiuping] According to Japanese media reports on the 3rd, after former Nissan Motor Chairman Ghosn fled Lebanon, he said he would hold a press conference and tell his story To expose the darkness of Japanese justice and continue to play

According to the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) on the 22nd, the South Korean government informed the Japanese government that it would stop terminating the Military Intelligence Protection Agreement (GSOMIA), which will expire at 0:00 on the 23rd, and the agreement will continue to be valid. Earlier reports: Minister Han and Japan did not reach an agreement on renewing the intelligence...

According to foreign media reports, the three major banks in Japan are reluctant to provide financial support for Softbank to save WeWork. Ellie Recently, Reuters has revealed that Softbank has applied for approximately 300 billion yen to three major Japanese banks, Mitsubishi Financial Group, Mizuho Financial Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (

At the Japan Defense Equipment Technology Exhibition held in Tokyo, Japan, the British veteran defense company BAE introduced its hunter-class frigates and other equipment to the Japanese Defense Agency officials, including the BAE self-developed five-generation model.

According to Famitsu's quick news, the sales volume of "Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield" released last Friday in the first three days in Japan was about 1.365 million copies (excluding pure digital version), and the sales volume of NS in the same week was about 180,000 units, NS has accumulated sales in Japan

The 98th National High School Football Championships in Japan is about to start. Recently, all the matchups have been completed, and the song "We are on your side", which was sung by Sansaka, was released. Others' high school leagues are hotter than our Chinese Super League. I am sour. This is the youth.

There is a Japanese film called "Wolf", which tells the story of a girl named Li Lizi who walked on the star road through plastic surgery, but was quickly trapped by desire and eventually fell to the bottom. Lilyzi once had all the cravings: beauty, fame, money... but at the same time it became mad, her private life was chaotic, still

[Text / Observer Network Guo Guangtao] Today, Japan almost made a big news. Japan’s “Daily News” reported on November 19 that on the evening of the 18th, a middle school student found a nuclear mark on the coast when he was fishing near the Guozhong Bridge on Irabu Island, Miyako Island City, Okinawa Prefecture.

"Death Stranded" not only performed very well in the first week of the UK, but also performed well in Japan. According to data released by Famitsu today, “Death Stranded” sold approximately 180,500 units in the first week of Japan, and successfully won the first place in this week's sales list.

According to foreign media BGR, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) achieved remarkable achievements in 2019. In its asteroid probe, the ostrich 2 (Hayabusa2) flew to the target asteroid in 2018.

The game sales in Japan in the last week (10.4~11.10) by Famitsu have been announced, and Hideo Kojima’s new work “Death Stranded” was released last week and topped the list of physical games in Japan with 186,000 sales, despite Less than Kojima’s previous work, Qianlong

Lin Chi-ling and the Japanese men's team EXILE member AKIRA's wedding will be held on November 17th. It has been confirmed to be held at the First Art Museum of Tainan City. This will be the only wedding of the two. After marriage, Lin Chi-ling will settle in Japan with her husband and live with her in-laws. forest

[Global Network Reporter Cui Tianya] A number of Hong Kong media reported on the 11th that a Japanese tourist was smuggled by a mob (a lynching) while shooting a demonstration in Hong Kong. On the 12th, Japanese Foreign Minister Mao Mumin filled the news at the press conference.

Japan recently announced its financial results for the second quarter of the 2020 fiscal year (April 1 to September 30, 2019). The company's operating income for the first half of the fiscal year was 1.407 billion yen, down 46.3% year-on-year, and operating profit was 56 million. JPY

According to Hong Kong media reports on the 11th, a large number of demonstrators in Hong Kong blocked the road at the junction of Nathan Road and Argyle Street in Mong Kok this afternoon. During the incident, there were debris burning and the police fired a gun to disperse. The armed armored vehicles were also on the scene. It is reported that there were Japanese tourists taking pictures here,...

Recently I saw a Japanese brother actually used a fingernail to make a diamond ring. This is definitely the most top-level gameplay that turned waste into treasure. The netizens watched the thumbs up afterwards: The calf's shape looks like Cartier. This sapphire ring is human. The raw materials used by the little brother are only a year's fingernail cover.

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] Recently, the Korean round RPG mobile game "Seventh Epic" began the official operation of the Japanese region. The Seventh Epic began pre-registration in Japan on October 7th, attracting more than 300,000 players to participate in the registration. It is reported that

Speaking of the selection of beautiful men, the association in everyone’s mind should be like this. Such. Or such a ~ This kind of beauty contest is actually a super boy contest founded in Japan in 1988. This campaign can be said to be a Japanese male star manufacturing machine, such as Kashiwabara, Ito Hideaki, Koike Teppei, Putian.

Japan's 10 trains of Shinkansen trains, losing nearly 1 billion! According to Japanese media reports, the East Japan Railway Company said on November 6 that the 10 new Shinkansen trains that were heavily flooded when the typhoon Haibeisi landed in Japan last month will be scrapped and the company will lose.

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