Japan's comprehensive chemical industry and the global carbon fiber giant Dongli group held a press conference in Tokyo in November 28th. They acknowledged that the Dongli HC of the subsidiary had tampered product intensity data behavior. This is the seco

Recently, a Japanese propaganda theme called table tennis Mobile Games piece caused a China attention of users, the villains inside the set, was really a little bit don't see who it is prototype of … … "the imperial command" don't think wear

On the 26 day, a woman from the island country received a unique birthday gift from the world. This gift is the envy of all the users: the end is a kind of gift? On the 27 day, @manami_038, a Japanese net friend, went to the shop that he often went to, no

The most embarrassing situation for the air force is to beat his own man down. If you want to be more embarrassed, I'm afraid it's a time to beat yourself in peace. This has occurred more than once in the JASDF pilots body, prevent teammates have lamented

The giant panda Hantaikeju appearance by global public's favorite. As a national treasure of China, they can be treated by the national guests wherever they go. In 2011, panda and sun arrived in England in the northern city of Edinburgh, local residents l

According to Asian youth reports, twitter friend @Elmon_0715 is a 17 year old boy from Japan. He has a special hobby: disguised as a girl self timer and sharing photos on social media. For years, his family and friends have never found his small secret. E

The toilet can reflect the civilization of a country. In the near future, the Ministry of housing and urban construction will guide the planning, construction and management of public toilets to improve public toilets. According to Xinhua news agency, "th

In 2014, Dongli became the Boeing (265.58, -0.30, -0.11%) new 777 aircraft exclusive supplier of carbon fiber stocks Sina News Beijing 28 news, according to the British "Financial Times" reported that the world's largest producers of carbon fiber in Japan

In November 26th, the United States successfully occupied Tarawa Atoll in 1943. A group of old world photos renovated by British coloring division Royston &bull and Leonard (Royston Leonard) were released and attracted widespread attention. These seals -

Recently, a bronze statue in San Francisco, United States, stirred public opinion in many countries around the world. This statue is the prototype of the three were from Chinese, South Korea, Philippines girl and a Korean woman, driven by the local Asian

Do you remember the Japanese brand POLA? It has made Chinese netizens angry at a Japanese door store that forbids Chinese people to enter. What's the date? The Japanese brand store also dares to prohibit Chinese people coming into the house. 25, the agent

Speaking of "Japs", the first impression in the minds of everyone are wearing helmets, handheld fixed bayonets "38 big cover", the Japanese soldiers commit all sorts of image. Although bayonet weapon has been of little use in the battlefield of World War

In the domestic retail winter, convenience stores seemed to become a stream, maintain a sustained growth. Data show that convenience store has achieved over 13% growth in 2015, almost two times the 2014 growth rate. 2016, the sales of convenience store in

[global network reported intern reporter Qu Tengfei] according to Japan's Asahi television reported on November 27th, 27 days, 30 U. S. aircraft carriers from Kanagawa County in Japan Atsugi base to Yamaguchi Iwakuni base. It is reported that 30 of the 30

Overseas network, 27 November, recently, a Japanese POLA cosmetics monopoly store posted a sign that the Chinese banned the entry, which not only caused concern among Chinese in Japan, but also caused strong repercussions on both sides of the Taiwan Strai

The Chinese are prohibited from entering the country!!! According to the Japanese food information micro-blog, a POLA cosmetics store in B, B, Sichuan, Japan, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, openly posted the "Chinese forbidden entry" sign, which aroused strong

[author] Xu Jingbo, Japanese media man, President of Asia News agency. Sanmao, a woman writer in Taiwan, was a representative of mainland china. In early 90s to study in Japan, in 2000, the creation of Chinese Web site, Japan news network. In 2001, the Ja

The Xian Yi GPLP all the way from the question which came, BOE Technology Group Limited by Share Ltd (referred to as BOE, BOE) in the end is a return to shareholders to bring high-quality enterprises is a great technology companies through continuous inno

A few years ago, whitening pills began to prevail, but there is no well-known cosmetic brands have such products; and Japanese women, but already early use of whitening pills and other oral beauty products. With more Chinese travel to Japan in recent year

Foreign media said the people's Liberation Army over the first island chain consists of Okinawa, Taiwan and Philippines, into the Western Pacific Ocean training activities have become more and more frequent. According to Japan's Sankei Shimbun November 25

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