On the early morning of Monday, New York was just bombed once: a IS terrorist bombed a bomb on the underground passage near New York Square Times, and made a suicide bomb attack on the underground passage of the largest station in the United States. It's

The more pressing issues facing the nation is actually the majority in Arabia how to make their own survival and on December 10th, protesters gathered in Indonesia to protest the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta Embassy in indonesia. US President Trump announced t

Cattle play the piano: history can not be forgotten, especially those humiliations! In December 13th, the Nanjing massacre victims National Memorial day. Exactly 80 years ago, the Japanese invaders were up to 40 days of miserable inhuman massacre in Nanji

The White House announced that Trump Ba as the key figures of Dina Powell peace team turnover early next year (source: Reuters) original title: just stabbed Trump Middle East policy core cellular dismount announced his resignation overseas network on 9 De

According to CBS news, White House deputy national security adviser Dina Powell (Dina Powell) will soon leave her position, White House officials said on Friday. The White House said Dina Powell's departure was friendly. At present, there are also rumors

[/ observer network Xu Lei] recently, the whole world because the United States stabbed Jerusalem the hornet's nest and taut nerves in the middle east. But Trump, the president of the United States, seemed to be immersed in the pride of "fulfilling the pr

Original title: Trump, Jerusalem decides what the Arabs in China think of US President Trump. On the 6 day, he announced that he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and launched the process of moving the U.S. to the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jeru

Trump and Netanyahu. Overseas network on 7 December, comprehensive foreign media reports, local time on December 6th, Trump announced that the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the embassy moved to Jerusalem, world leaders ha

China News Agency, Paris (reporter Long Jianwu) in January 15, the French Foreign Minister Eero 15 in Paris warned that US President elect Trump to the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem plan will be a serious provocation. By - ZAKER, personalized recommen

The work of Zou Yifei in Lugu Lake, Zou Yifei photographed for Margaret photos. Two people in Chengdu, Chengdu, a small group of friends who are concerned about whether we are together, but why must be together or not together, this feeling is very good a

This summer, in Chengdu, a ring next to a tall building, Zou Yifei took out his hand made wooden ring for the eyes of Margaret. At the top of the building, Zou Yifei took out a good wood ring to Margaret, that moment, Margaret excited to say no words.

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