One year will be finished. We are going to welcome the year-end bonus. At the same time, it also indicates the arrival of the job hopping season. There are some well-known Internet Co's year-end benefits listed here. You know in advance, so that you can c

Today is the winter solstice day, the shortest day in the daytime of the northern hemisphere and the longest day in the night. In the winter solstice, the north will eat dumplings, and the South will eat a variety of customs, such as Tangyuan, rice regime

Apple released Apple Watch Series 3 in September this year, joining the cellular network for the first time. It also indicated in the PPT and official website of the conference that China will be launched at the end of 2017. In fact, in Apple Watch Ser -

Photo source: Beijing Youth Daily double 11, double 12, in the promotion of the stimulus, the end of the year's two months are particularly lively. Yesterday was a double 12 -- the last Shopping Festival before the end of the year. In order to rush ahead,

Yesterday evening, China Science and technology held a new conference webcast, China officially unveiled the second generation AMAZFIT sports watch. Compared with the first round appearance, the second generation AMAZFIT sports watch has changed greatly i

Double 11 in the past, double 12 will be opened immediately, the Jingdong is combining all kinds of manufacturers, a variety of discount promotions spread over the sky. To help you to cut your hand, Jingdong today arranged a 12.12 machine attack strategy,

Source: before graduating from the PhD stage of Tsinghua, the city weekly visited Foxconn in a city and was ready to work on the production line. There are two tasks in this trip: one is a personal angle, as a mental worker, and wants to experience the ex

In December 6th, Jingdong foundation honorary chairman, Jingdong fashion brand development consultant, days of strong investment fund director, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong's wife Zhang Zetian was selected in 2017 Davos world outstanding youth. The ma

Zhang Chong has gone through this wave of smart hardware. Author Liu Jianqiang Zhang Chong Xiao Feng | Chi editor | complete experience of this wave of the wave of intelligent hardware. The company he founded had launched smart rings, smart cards, and int

Modern Express News (special correspondent is Zhong Yin). In December 3rd, the fourth World Internet Conference shared dividends: the Internet precision poverty alleviation sub forum was held at Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Cent

Yesterday, the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong announced the latest progress in poverty alleviation project Jingdong, as of June this year, the Jingdong established 832 poverty point and poverty alleviation projects in the country this year, the Jingdong

Sina Technology News December 2nd afternoon, today, Jingdong Group Chairman and chief executive officer of the board of directors said, to try to help the bottom of the people has become a deep heart of a complex. When I was a child, the pain of poverty w

Remember that the Jingdong's canteen is not five floors, more than 20 thousand square meters! Today to introduce this canteen what special place is said to me to build the cafeteria only one requirement: must let my staff to have a meal, see the scenery o

Remember that the Jingdong's canteen is not five floors, more than 20 thousand square meters! Today to introduce this canteen what special place is said to me to build the cafeteria only one requirement: must let my staff to have a meal, see the scenery o

Last week, Liu Qiangdong, the chairman and chief executive of the Jingdong board, announced at micro-blog that he had finally realized his childhood dream and became a village head. Liu Qiangdong said he had to set a small goal: in the five years, the ave

Last night, the display of a Jingdong by Jingdong mug, officially called the absolute limit, the cup itself is not much new design, but the printing content above absolute light. If it's a new user of Jingdong in recent years, it may not be clear that Jin

High German Q3 released the 2017 "city block" list: Ji'nan first in Beijing in November 27th third, institutions of high moral map Joint Planning Institute of the Ministry of transport, Ministry of Transport Science Research Institute released the "2017 t

Jingdong logistics is fast and convenient, and has a direct relationship with its warehouses. But even so, part of the goods, the local warehouse is not available, still need to transfer goods from the field warehouse. Recently, some users found that Jing

Recently, 360 founder Zhou Hongyi autobiography "Subversion: Zhou Hongyi autobiography" in Jingdong headquarters start, at the meeting invited Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong platform publicity. When the host asked Liu Qiangdong and Zhou Hongyi on the spot

With the old section of the stock increasingly tense, in August this year, the Ministry of industry to the operators approved the new section, China Telecom won section 199, China Mobile got section 198, China Unicom got section 166. Not long ago, China T

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