The double 11's calyx is not finished yet, double 12 is here again. Compared with the huge momentum of Double 11, Double 12 looks deserted. Not only are there no stars, parties, and almost never disclose the transaction value. However, this time, Taobao did not forget to announce the situation in the sinking market. Data display, double

The National Bank Nintendo Switch game console introduced by Tencent's agent was officially released yesterday (December 10). Well-known market data analysis agency Niko Partners issued a statement today that according to their online retailer data and their

2019.12.11 Wednesday, Water Drop Fundraising Response to PS Medical Record Initiation of Fundraising Recently, a public account published an article stating that the water drop fundraising project was approved using the PS medical record. On December 10, Drip Chip issued a statement saying that after the review was passed, materials such as medical certificates were also required.

Image credit @ Panoramavisual 文 丨 Marvin Ncc Liu Qiangdong is 9 years younger than Ma Yun, and it stands to reason that he can work for two more years. However, the data of Tianyan Inspection showed that Liu Qiangdong has recently stepped down from a number of senior executive positions in companies and seems to have resigned. People say JD in 2019 looks embarrassing

Intel released in early October. The Core i9-10980XE, which was lifted on the 25th of last month, was officially launched on JD. This 18-core, 36-thread, top-level HEDT processor is officially priced at ¥ 12,999. After seeing this pricing, originally

The tens of billions of subsidies in the electronics industry are far from over. Ten billion subsidies This is the trump card for Pinduoduo's rising business. Pinduoduo directly provided a budget of 10 billion yuan, and co-branded companies subsidized various categories such as mobile phone digital, beauty, maternal and infant, and department stores. The subsidy time was from 618 this year.

After November each year, the e-commerce promotion festival starts to take turns. In addition to the Double 11 which has formed mature awareness and huge transaction volume, the next wave of big promotions also includes the Chinese version of Black Friday, Double 12 and the New Year's Day. Black Friday between Double 11 and Double 12

Titanium Media reported on November 28 that Tianyan inspection data showed that on November 28, Jiangsu Lisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. changed its business, and Liu Qiangdong stepped down as the company's general manager. On November 27, his assistant Zhang Huan stepped down as the company's executive director. Also exiting

The original title "Liu Qiangdong stepped down as the manager of Jiakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in November." Dong stepped down as the company's manager and his assistant Zhang Huan

Dressing casually and speaking directly, Xu Lei, as CEO of JD Retail Group, presents an atypical professional manager image. In the outside world, the operator of Jingdong's core business is now at the front desk, ready to meet his opponent in a fierce e-commerce battle. Author: Guo Ru Yi

Original title "Jingdong has a lot of copycats in WeChat" With the rise of social e-commerce, who can decide the shopping habits of users: Taobao or WeChat? Text 丨 Lin Ju Zhen Xiangqing Source 丨, from Jingpin to Jingxi, Jingdong has copied a lot of pixels at the pixel level. Can it succeed

Foreword Shen Ya is a very low-key boss. Even employees rarely see him in public. He hardly accepts media interviews and participates in any industry activities. He is almost the most mysterious leader in the domestic e-commerce circle. A former employee of Vipshop told Bullet Finance. This is with the outside world

It is reported that Jingdong Chairman and CEO Liu Qiangdong announced this morning that as long as Jingdong employees encounter any misfortune during their tenure, Jingdong will be responsible for the study and living expenses of all their children until the age of 22. Previously, Jingdong also had a policy: all employees who have worked in Jingdong for more than five years.

Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) Text | Ma Weibing's lively double 11 After the carnival, Ali, Jingdong, and many more home appliance giants have shown their third-quarter earnings. Before the earnings report was issued, the fight was always considered to be a big fortune.

Blue Whale TMT Channel November 22,, vice president of Jingdong Group, head of Jingdong Retail Group Platform Business Center, and head of Jingdong International Business, Han Rui announced today that Jingdong’s import business strategy will be upgraded and will be the main cross-border import brand. Haitang Global and General

Text / Fox An Source: Zhu Si Code (ID: zhusimaji88) a pair of enemies, a city. A track, a group of people. Jingdong and Alibaba, which have not seen the business super-combat for five years, have made breakthrough progress before the double 11 in 2019. According to Zhu Siji’s exclusive knowledge,

Topic: Xu Lei Jingdong, CEO of Jingdong Retail Sub-Group, has slowly raised his head in several financial reports this year. In the recent two earnings reports, JD's profit-oriented new demand has become obvious. The continuation of profitability marks that Jingdong is moving from pursuing transaction scale growth to pursuing

Author: No public leaves: leaves and cafes of this article Word Count: 3315 * Introduction 9 minutes estimated reading last week to share the product analysis method based on visual page: Qualifying analysis, but some functions are composed of a plurality The composition of the page, the function itself is also more complex, the independence is very strong, should

[Yibang Power News] November 19th news, today, 2019 Jingdong Global Technology Explorers Conference (JDDiscovery) was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Xu Lei, CEO of Jingdong Retail Group, disclosed the status quo and future development strategy of Jingdong. Xu Lei said that

Title | Oriental IC On November 15, 2019, (NASDAQ: JD) released Q3 unaudited financial statements. According to the report, Q3 revenue reached 138.4 billion, an increase of 28.7% over the same period of last year;

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