[Text / Observer Network Zhang Chenjing] The Trump administration did not declare war, and suddenly launched air strikes to kill senior Iranian officers. All their own parliaments and allies were blindfolded. The move upsets Britain's hard ally, Britain. British media "Guardian" reported that the British Prime Minister on a Caribbean island vacation

As the saying goes, often walking by the river, how can we not wet shoes? According to the Daily Mail on December 29, British Prime Minister Boris has recently been exposed to a secret relationship with a businesswoman when he was mayor of London many years ago. Interestingly, it was not the other person who exploded the bombshell, it was the businesswoman herself

(Observer.net) On December 29th, local time, a New Year's ceremony was held in the United Kingdom, and more than 1,000 people received awards in recognition of their outstanding achievements. However, John Berkow, the former Speaker of the House of Commons, who became popular after calling 14,000 Orders unexpectedly

[Global Reporter Ding Jieyun] Just after Christmas, British Prime Minister Johnson's Christmas gift was exposed by the media: a used off-road motorcycle, and the gift was given by his girlfriend Carrie Symonds . According to the British "Guardian

As a top medical journal with an impact factor of 27.604, the British Translator cited "British Medical Journal" (BMJ) once a year to publish a wide range of studies in the Christmas special. This tradition began in 1982, and this year it ushered in an important day: BMJ

[Text / Daniel Lipman] President Donald Trump really appreciates Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Trump even told him his mobile phone number. At the same time, the British politician also spoke well of Trump, and also managed to help President Trump.

[Video / Observer Network Lewis] On the 24th, British Prime Minister Johnson released his first Christmas speech since taking office. He did not mention Brexit in his speech, but urged the British people to try not to have too much quarrel with relatives and friends. At the same time, the British media has edited a spoof of the Prime Minister's speech.

The traditional western holiday Christmas is approaching. Queen Elizabeth II has recorded an annual speech in Windsor Castle recently. According to British media, the key word of Queen's speech this year is very bumpy. According to the BBC, Elizabeth II will be performing

The traditional western holiday Christmas is approaching. Queen Elizabeth II has recorded an annual speech in Windsor Castle recently. According to British media, the key word of Queen's speech this year is very bumpy. According to the BBC, Elizabeth II will be performing

Recently, the most important thing in Britain is of course the general election. In the end, Boris, who seemed unreliable, led the Conservative Party to a victory. However, his life will not be too good. After all, Britain now looks like a crisis. Apart from continuing to solve the problem of Brexit, the contradictions among the people in Britain have also been old

The lower house of the British Parliament has just passed the Johnson version of the Brexit agreement, clearing the way for Britain to leave the EU by the end of January next year. The ratio of votes to and against votes is listed as 358: 234. The Johnson administration also revised the agreement this time, adding December 31, 2020

China News Service, December 20th. According to Hong Kong's "Sing Tao Daily", recently, a 14-year-old Johnson in Minnesota, the United States, was included in the Guinness Book of World Records with his mouth open up to about 10 cm. He stated that he had discovered that his mouth was bigger than other children from an hour and he had never

British woman shows photos to Johnson Overseas. December 18th. The evening of the 17th local time, the BBC broadcast the latest Brexit documentary. One of the clips attracted viewers: a woman from Yorkshire presented to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson shows hands

In the past two days, some British media, as well as American media, have lamented that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to retaliate against those media that did not face him before the election. They also said that the BBC had become Johnson's first target for revenge. But things are not so simple.

British media said that the victory of the Conservative Party in the British election seems to solve the problem of Brexit prospects, but also injected new impetus into Scottish independence efforts, resurrecting the defense problem that occurred before the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, that is, the issue of where the British nuclear deterrence will go. . According to the BBC...

Chinanews.com, December 15th. According to a comprehensive report, British Prime Minister Johnson led the Conservative Party, and after the overwhelming victory in the election, it is reported that he will reshuffle the cabinet on a small scale later this week to reward his back MPs and plan to Greater regulation after Brexit on January 31, 2020

Unsurprisingly, Boris Johnson, who started with Brexit, led the British Conservative Party to a historic victory in the lower house elections on the 12th, and Johnson was authorized by the Queen to host 10 Downing Street. That ’s to be expected because Britain has been out of the European Union for the past three years.

After Asia's richest man, Li Ka-shing, withdrew from China, he bet on Britain and Europe. According to statistics, according to incomplete statistics, Li Ka-shing's investment layout in the UK began as early as 15 years ago, and now the total investment has exceeded HK $ 400 billion. Since January 2013

Author: Yu Hongbo Source: China Securities News Britain nearly 100 years, the first winter election in Beijing this afternoon opened a mystery. On December 13, the Conservative Party led by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a majority in the lower house of parliament in the general election. It is reported that the Tories need to win

[Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] After the Double Twelve elections, some people were happy and some were angry. Russia Today (RT) reported on the 13th that on that day, Conservative leader Boris Johnson was angry after leading the Conservative Party to win the election of the lower house of the British Parliament and formally became the British Prime Minister

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