There's one person who has failed 1009 times in his life. But he said, "one success is enough.". He is the founder of KFC - Halland Sanders (Colonel Harland Sanders), we often affectionately call him Kendall ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, th

Sina mobile phone news on July 13th afternoon, after HUAWEI official had notice will cooperate with the fast food brand KFC, now two to the first HUAWEI products enjoy 7 KFC 30th anniversary commemorative edition of the official sale price, consistent wit

Reference News Network October 25th, Hong Kong media reported that a woman in New York earlier in the KFC (KFC) buy fried chicken bucket meal at home with their families to enjoy, but found with advertising display components of fried chicken filled the b

U.S. media said, that China billions of dollars in the fast food industry, global restaurant group Yum and McDonald

U.S. media said, that China billions of dollars in the fast food industry, TRICON global restaurants and McDonald's Corp called giant, in 2015 the two companies combined market share reached 38%. According to people familiar with the auction said, McDonal

Let's talk about the division of Yi Long technology to make good?

Wen Shu food boss reference reporter Tan Feipeng since last year, yum Chinese announced the spin off business, it

In July 19th, Puyang City, the Yellow River road Mart KFC have occurred more than net

Only when the modernization and the spiritual level, is really the only national mentality from modernization;

"There are many possibilities in life, the most afraid of is your heart block. "And the graduation season, Li Jia.

KFC in cross play out new tricks, this is the nail polish, can eat, is simply guards. Before the day, KFC held a press conference in Hongkong, launched the point refers to the aftertaste

KFC is a step in the cosmetics industry, launched a nail polish, or edible: one is the original

The recent Papi sauce placement advertising to 22 million of the high price is sold. This net red sector of the new benchmark, once again with the banner of commercial capital flying from every grassroots

Ke guest comment: this word even the front desk clerk can save ah. (picture source network)

In addition to the iconic wearing a red scarf of the penguins, you may not know, a super adorable.

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