Special thanks to @ Song Tianmeng Christmas hat in Beijing time 23:59 on December 25th, not too late, you give up a poison: Merry christmas. On a special day, Amway is a special machine. From the point of view from LG - Fx0, a little bit now - ZAKER, pers

With the innovative iteration of smart phone functions, the time for users to use mobile phones is becoming more and more high. As a result, the importance of cell phone renewal is becoming more and more important. So which of the many flagship phones thi

LG had earlier announced that a new generation of Gram 2018 ultra-thin notebook will be unveiled CES 2018, today officially announced the configuration information of this notebook, the new notebook remains on the generation of light, but the higher stren

With the advent of the end of the year, all kinds of inventory and rankings will come again. Recently, YAHOO, a well-known website, also announced the best 8 smartphone they had chosen in 2017 to see if it was the same as you thought. The list and reasons

On December 7th, LG announced the launch of the Signature (seal) V30. It is reported that seal is the LG high-end TV brand, and the use of the smart phone also indicates that the version of the V30 is very expensive. And in terms of price, it is said that

IPhone X is Apple's first OLED screen phone. Once it is launched, it will be in short supply. The main reason is Samsung's exclusive supply of OLED screen. Apple is also trying to improve the supply of OLED screens, and try to diversify its supply channel

If the rumors are true, Samsung will show the new flagship Galaxy S9 in January, though it is a new product, Samsung S9 series is forced to give up the hottest technology of under screen fingerprint recognition because of its technical difficulties. Howev

Total screen mobile phone has become a wave of the current, is expected next year will enter a more sophisticated penetration period, popularity to each price segment. Today, GSMArena mobile phones have sorted out the mainstream full screen products on th

At the end of August, LG officially released the new V series of new LG V30, the machine to the full screen face for the LG's mobile phone products adds a new flagship. Using 6 inches OLED screen, equipped with Xiaolong 835 mobile platform, the first F1.6

At MWC this year, LG launched G5 products - LG G6, G6 and modular design of the continuation of G5, which has 18:9 5.7 inch FullVision screen, but for the first listing is still equipped with ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, the local authorit

In the mobile phone field, referring to the OLED display, most people think of is samsung. However, at present, in the OLED screen industry, technology and most powerful manufacturers, in addition to Samsung, everyone should be able to think of LG. There

A few days ago, LG officially released its latest flagship - LG V30, in the design, the new generation of LG V30 can be said to be completely transformed into the G series. Without the sub screen and using a hyperbolic full screen, this seems to make up f

A few days ago, LG officially released its latest flagship - LG V30, in the design, the new generation of LG V30 can be said to be completely transformed into the G series. Without the sub screen and using a hyperbolic full screen, this seems to make up f

LG IFA (Berlin international radio show) before opening released a new MiniBeam portable projector, its resolution is 720p, lightweight and portable, through the USB Type-C interface can be connected to the computer, mobile phone, tablet, the image output

Before the arrival of a new generation of iPhone, a new wave of Android mobile phones is poised to take off on the eve of the IFA show in Berlin, germany. Beijing time on August 31st afternoon, South Korean mobile phone manufacturer LG grab in SONY releas

IT August 27th LG official news has issued an invitation, will be held at the LG V30 conference in August 31st near the new mobile phone, released on the occasion, buddy Xiaoyao GG shared a LG V30 real machine diagram. Real map and previously ZAKER, perso

Hot in August also ushered in a mobile phone ring machine boom, released in August to choose the one hand is to avoid the new iPhone in September to be released at the same time, in the IFA exhibition before the release of new products but also many Andro

At this year's MWC conference, LG officially launched its flagship LG G6. It's a full screen, and it's very exciting in design. But because of the high price of LG G6, the Xiaolong 821 processor and the dual imaging ability, it makes it difficult to resis

IT August 12th message LG V30 will be officially released in August 31st, IFA is the 2017 day before the opening, we already know the appearance of the machine design and most configuration, and now broke the news that LG will launch two models: ZAKER, pe

Korean media underkg exposure known as LG V30 prototype, although the phone border affixed tape, but can see the machine's full screen outline, you can see that its screen is very high. LG V30 will cancel the V series of iconic sub screen design, instead

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