The picture shows the suspect Weng Lijia overseas network November 14th, 13 years ago, a murder case involving Chinese students in Vancouver, Canada, shot suspects fled to Taiwan on the second day after committing the crime. The suspect was arrested immediately after his travel to South Korea in 2018 and was extradited to Canada.

The so-called day is not afraid, the land is not afraid, I am afraid of Li Jiaqi OMG. Last night, the eleventh, countless girls were ruined because of him. About his legendary story, there is too much data on the Internet, selling 15,000 lipsticks in 15 minutes, and over 50 million fans across the net &helli

Image source @视觉中国文|Three words of finance, author|mouth 遁 Today, the net red cargo owner Li Jiaqi was listed on the microblogging hot search by the brand Fang Baique antelope. It is reported that in the two days before the double eleven seconds of killing, Li Jiaqi pre-announced a lot of product discounts in the live broadcast, including Baique Ling. however

Interview, author: Liu Min Editor: He Wei Photography: Jia Rui Vision: Zhang Nan is published in the "QQ GQ" November 2019 issue from the WeChat public number GQ report (ID: GQREPORT), the content is authorized to publish Li Jiaqi's experience is often Interpreted as an inspirational chicken soup: born from ordinary, unremitting efforts

Zhou Zhennan, really a little fool! The home page of the oranges these days is all his shovel deeds. And more and more, not finished! The cause was the Supernova National Games. Chen Xiaoyu was practicing rhythmic gymnastics, and Yu Xiao took her mobile phone to shoot her. As a mobile phone stand, Zhou Zhennan suddenly sent out a question of the soul. Why do you want to see it?

OMG, this is definitely a cheap and practical non-stick pan, don't miss the girls. Recently, Li Jiaqi lived with a certain non-stick pan. At first, the assistant also put the eggs in a hot pot with a smile, careful readers should be able to find that the pot is oiled, and everything is still normal. But then

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