The picture map is from: Oriental IC2684 billion yuan, with the sound of zero o'clock on November 12, the 2019 Twenty-one Twenty-one real-time turnover data has been frozen in this number. Equally interesting with more than 260 billion turnover,

Li Jiaqi has been really angry recently, and he can see him from the hot search almost every day. Today is no exception, and it is firmly in the first place. (Weekday's Weibo) The original words on the hot search are that no one is an island, there is always someone to warm you. He saw it on Weibo and told fans when he was broadcast live yesterday. Don't get me wrong, no

The network segment has come true! A few days ago, a network section calling for lipstick and a friend Li Jiaqi to endorse the navigation map sparked heated discussion. On the 17th, Li Jiaqi revealed that there was already a map company in contact with him... This morning, this news was also Like the hot search. Li Jiaqi,

Author | Zhang Jilong Editor | Luo Lijuan We have a loophole in management, which has caused some misleading to consumers. We apologize for this. On November 13, Li Jiaqi Studio admitted his mistake and apologized in the public statement. Previously, the e-commerce live top stream Li Jiaqi will be a Yang Cheng in the live broadcast.

If even the highest level of goods network red can not maintain their own credibility, no one can imagine: once this vent is over, how many pigs will fall into pieces and break their blood. Recently, the top stream of the red world of the goods network, Li Jiaqi, who is known as a lipstick,

On October 21st, on the first day of the Tmall double 11 pre-sale, Li Jiaqi once again set a live record: 39 items were almost seconds, and accumulated more than 30 million on-the-spot in more than 4 hours. Along with these is the live broadcast time of the live broadcasters under incandescent lights. Even the circle of friends

The so-called day is not afraid, the land is not afraid, I am afraid of Li Jiaqi OMG. Last night, the eleventh, countless girls were ruined because of him. About his legendary story, there is too much data on the Internet, selling 15,000 lipsticks in 15 minutes, and over 50 million fans across the net &helli

Image source @视觉中国文|Three words of finance, author|mouth 遁 Today, the net red cargo owner Li Jiaqi was listed on the microblogging hot search by the brand Fang Baique antelope. It is reported that in the two days before the double eleven seconds of killing, Li Jiaqi pre-announced a lot of product discounts in the live broadcast, including Baique Ling. however

The original title "Looking at Li Jiaqi from another angle: The spring of commercial buying system is coming? In 2019, the double eleven ended last night, and the total transaction volume reached 268.4 billion yuan. At this shopping festival, Taobao anchor Li Jiaqi’s ability to bring goods has repeatedly attracted attention, and its annual sales have exceeded some monomers.

Netease Entertainment's special report on November 12th reported on the evening of the 11th, Liu Tao helped Li Jiaqi live room, Hao Shuang painted Li Jiaqi's lips with three colors of lipstick, the scene was very funny, netizen said: "Li Jiaqi's life Waterloo is coming again!" Previously, baby, Zhu Yilong, Zhou Zhennan,

In the "Life" column of Station B, there is a set of videos with high quality but up to 50,000. The video protagonist is a middle-aged man in a pink shirt and black-rimmed glasses. For ten minutes, this man occupies the center of the screen and dances to introduce a Rolls for $2,980.

Today is the double eleven. Taobao Tmall broke 100 billion in 1 hour, 3 minutes and 59 seconds, 43 minutes ahead of last year's 1 hour, 47 minutes and 26 seconds. This is only the data of Tmall, not including the ordinary owner of non-Tmall. Before the forecast, Li Jiaqi double

Articles from micro-channel public number: autocarweekly (ID: autocarweekly), Author: Li Yifan, title figure from: Eastern IC This is a cash flow of times, it was an era of pay for traffic. Everything looks so reasonable, but in traffic

Crazy crush! Really, ya mad! The original price is 129 yuan, and today 3 bottles are only 104, equivalent to 2.2 fold! Yahoo crazy! Crazy! Live room, Li Jiaqi raises the volume, shouting crazy over and over again . The kidney of the audience before the screen of the mobile phone

The new way of the artist circle in 9102: go to the live room to sell goods. Who sells the hot search ↓ Li Jiaqi's live broadcast is too much, I am basically going to the guests. Selling 啥 doesn't care, anyway, it's not as good as their expression pack: in a face 周 x Zhou Zhennan, can't insert words

Yesterday, I loved the bean Zhou Zhennan and searched hot again. This time, it is still not because of the handsome dance, the value of the circle, but also because it is too funny! After the end of the archery competition, Zhou Zhennan encountered a small encounter with Chen Xiaoyu at the exit. He was greeted with a small 90-year-old politeness and shouted with Xiao Xiao, and the director...

  NetEase Entertainment reported on November 10 Liu Yan imitated Li Jiaqi in the double 11 carnival night live broadcast, the sound of the sound really thought to come to Li Jiaqi live room! From time to time, she shouted Li Jiaqi's classic slogan "omg", and her attitude was in place. Look at this posture, Liu Yan absolutely

The following article comes from Vista to see the world, the author Jia Xiaofan some time ago, Li Jiaqi sells the best smile of Waterloo may be heard by everyone. When he was like a math teacher as always, he showed more than 500 high-end men's skin care products to female fans in the live broadcast room.

The following article is from the beautiful girl excavator, the author digging the beautiful girls, good evening, double eleven is coming, are you already full of shopping carts? Compared with the past, this year Taobao live broadcast room has become everyone's green grassland, and there are not many beautiful girls who live in the live broadcast of the major anchors every day. But these two...

The upcoming 2019 double eleven season, it is said that Li Jiaqi's goal of lipstick one brother has increased to 10 billion - last year, he sold 300 million alone, a battle to become famous. Now, what gives him the courage is that the traffic pool has skyrocketed this year, and that is, the live broadcast has officially become a business.

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