Linda Chung long seen the recent focus on the family, but also did not forget her acting career, she took his daughter 16 months before the date of Kelly, to Hongkong Disneyland Disney filmed a Christmas special and two mother daughter for the first time

Biography Linda Chung has given birth to the baby, according to Hongkong media reports, 32 year old Linda Chung at the end of last year and wireless

Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (/ Lin RIN) said the star high income, make money fast, but the bright light

May 8th is mother's day, Linda Chung, micro-blog can not wait to announce that he will be a mother, and said: I am very excited, very excited! When two hearts into one, feeling very wonderful!" Mother Linda Chung also drying out of the pregnancy, photos o

According to Hongkong media reports, Linda Chung, 32 year old artist Linda Chung (Linda

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