I haven't heard Xu Jiao news, some time ago, she has been in the crew, busy shooting a new movie "Shuimunianhua life you". Qi Liuhai's black long dresses, Xu Jiao looks very soft, and looks more like a sweet idol group than Huang Tingting in the SNH48. Th

Is iPhone X adding dustproof and waterproof support to the faucet? A useful friend said that the friend iPhone X was out in the water, and the instant the screen was hung up. The screen was hung up. It was taken to the apple store for repair. It was not w

The entertainment NetEase reported in December 16th 16, Wu Lei studio issued Wu Lei privately and teacher learning vocal art tense for video, fans triggered heated discussion. In the video, Wu Lei, wearing a black turtleneck, smooth hair bangs very clever

Recently, Zhong Chuxi, the heroine of the "Fang Hua", is so fascinated that she is very fond of this beautiful little sister! Recently, she took a group of movies for the red show. It was so cool that she had no friends! The cover of this bell was shaved

According to Taiwan media reports, Jay Chou (Jay Chou) and Kun Ling married, the daughter of small Zhou Zhou (Hathaway) and his son Romeo, to form a good word. Since he founded the IG account, he often sent articles to share work, life and mood. 11 days,

Gianna Jun, a 36 year old Korean goddess, married her husband Cui Junhe in 2012. He gave birth to his son last February. He announced that he was pregnant again this June. The second child's expected date of delivery is next month. But, Gianna Jun was eig

Shawn Yue married, Hsu Chi temporarily ring, even if the two big coffee news swept the whole of my fat friend circle, I did not point away look ~ today is my birthday sugar, I only want to make a long call for her, I want to put sugar from sugar to the su

Author: Wu Qi, have written the letter, Zhang Kunyu New Media Editor: a hot topic these days Wu Qi letter source and network video screenshot or around on Saturday, "the actor's birth", in "Huang Shengyi's embarrassment", "Peng Yuchang surprise" words lik

The apple 10th anniversary commemorative iPhone X not only brings a happy and comprehensive screen, but also brings a tangled Qi Liuhai. We know that the iPhone X's Liu Hai is called the original deep camera system. It allows you to photograph wonderful p

Yesterday, all the stars were invited to the 2017 fashion night, the picture can be said to be a grayish eye! A large number of fairy fairy sister is coming ~ Liu Yifei wearing a light green dress, plain elegant, hairstyle is in high ponytail, high horset

Six years ago, Jiang Shuying now Jiang Shuying NetEase entertainment reported in September 10th the evening of September 10th, Jiang Shuying by micro-blog in six years ago to CF, and said: here is the change of the weather is always wet grass, or that Liu

In 2017 the United States TC Candler2017 the world's 100 most beautiful / most handsome faces the selection list begins, although the final results have not yet out, but announced the list of candidates has aroused great concern of users and fans, the lis

The summer of 2013 the first season of "Daddy where broadcast" popular "this year on both sides of the Changjiang River dad where to go," the fifth season is coming, and you can see the adorable baby and dads happy times along! "According to legend, the n

This is a new consumer reference 126th source | new consumer reference author | [introduction] new consumer Totoro Jun with everybody today recommend an insider. Today, this article is going to show you the Shanzhai business of consumer brands. Two days a

Cut bangs Victoria Song more and more beautiful! Recently, Victoria Song changed her hairstyle, cut beautiful air bangs, beautiful lot!        

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