In December 13th, Jiang song case was trial for third days. The main content of the court trial today is to inquire about the witness. The defense showed relevant evidence to prove that Chen Shifeng did not have the purpose of planned homicide on the day

After a year, Jiang song murder case will be held next month. Recently, Jiang song's mother Jiang Qiulian and Liu Xin in August this year for the first time to meet the video exposure, once again aroused social concern. In November 2016, the 24 year old C

"Mom, I'm in the middle of nowhere, and I'm going to meet Liu Xin and go home". In the early morning of November 3rd last year, the 24 year old Song Jiang studied in Japan and chatted with his mother in WeChat. Jiang song mother told the case 37, two mont

Li Shenmiao, a Shenzhen evening commentator, accused Liu Xin of being selfish and aloof, but more importantly, think about how a man got to this point. Because as long as the individual, there is a common human nature, given different environmental condit

"I don't earn much, and I'll be 100 thousand in one year. When Liu Xin finished this sentence, all the high school students at the party raised their heads and looked at him in an uncanny way. In the northern second tier cities, most young people also hol

In May 21st, 10 years top runner up Liu Xin in Beijing wedding, the bride wearing a wedding dress looks gorgeous.

Liu Xinyu Sun Li, the Phoenix Entertainment time flies, "The Legend of Zhen Huan" has aired for 5 years

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