Do you still remember Yang Lijuan? 16-year-old drop-out star, Liu Dehua, she can be said to be the pioneer of the private student rice … more people feel that the complex is that Yang Lijuan's father paid the price of life in order to support his daughter to chase the stars, and sensationalized the country. Today, whenever there are new fanatics

Remember Yang Lijuan? The chasing star who once shocked the country began to fall in love with Andy Lau from the age of 16. In order to chase the stars, she did not hesitate to go bankrupt, and her father also committed suicide by jumping into the sea. This incident caused a great sensation. Recently, some media once again talked to Yang Lijuan to understand the current situation of this year's...

Yang Lijuan 12 years ago, Yang Lijuan chased the star Liu Dehua, the father to help her daughter dream of jumping into the sea, since then she was labeled as a paranoid, crazy label. Recently, Yang Lijuan was interviewed and said that her family is not indifferent. When she was a child, she was very happy to go home. After the death of his father, Yang Lijuan took his father’s

Last night, a netizen took a group photo of the crew, and several famous actors were gathering at the show. I have a look at Chen Sicheng, Andy Lau, Wang Baoqiang, Liu Wei, Yan Ni, a director and an actor. Not only are they curious, are they cooperating in filming? The highlights of this group of actor dinners are undoubtedly Liu Dehua and Wang Baoqiang

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