The Beijing News has exclusively learned that Station B won the three-year exclusive live broadcast rights of the League of Legends (LOL) Global Finals in China for 800 million yuan. Other companies participating in the auction are some domestic live broadcast platforms such as Kuaishou, Douyu, and Huya. It is understood that this is the first time that domestic e-sports events have been...

Today lol performs downtime maintenance on some large areas, so why do you see the message that the version server is closed after the maintenance is completed? what's going on? Let Xiaobian bring you a solution! The server problem of LOL national server has always been the object of criticism from players. This server does not

Hi everyone, this is Dr. X. Since the game of chess has become popular, manufacturers of all sizes have followed suit and introduced the game of self-playing chess. The most popular of these is LOL's Genting game. After Genting's game was launched, it not only defeated other competitors in one fell swoop, but also revitalized the LOL that had a slight decline at the time

There is an old saying among netizens who are crazy about each other. Where there are people, there are rivers. This principle is also applicable in the LOL player circle. Sometimes the rank of players is like the rank of martial arts, which can determine their status in this arena. Recently, a platinum player ridiculed gold

Hi everyone, this is Dr. X. After LOL retired the popular RNG jungler MLXG, his life was really good. In addition to the live LOL, recently, the teacher suddenly became addicted to an MMO online game, and the tricks are still sophisticated, not at all like the cute new one just starting to play. and

lol How to play the Hellfire Ranger lineup? Hellfire Ranger lineup is recommended in lol. The Hellfire Ranger lineup has always been a very popular lineup match. Little friends should see a lot in the game. Interested friends Just follow along with the editor. Lineup at a glance

Good weekend everyone, Dr. X is back again ~ There are a lot of hot game events this week. I ca n’t say a sentence or two. Let ’s go with Dr. X ’s hot tour information this week to see what happens. Focus: LOL 蹭 End Kunkun 凡 Fan Fan Moonlight Goddess Skills have been reworked This week LOL announced

The lol self-playing chess uniform has already started. Players are also sprinting. Do you know the sea mage formation? This is the most popular lineup in the current version. How to play it? Interested friends follow the editor Let ’s take a look together. lol Marine Mage lineup with Raiders Vampire,

The introduction of the six polar polar three venomous four crazy battle lineup. The lol 9.22 version will soon be over. The qualifying will also be launched this week. At the same time, many lineups will burst out together. Well, interested friends, let's follow the editor to take a look. [Lineup solution

Hi everyone, this is Dr. X. Speaking of Chinese translation and localization of games, it is basically necessary for games nowadays, especially the major game manufacturers have basically included Chinese as the starting language. It ’s just that in the hands of some manufacturers with poor translation skills, machine translation or literal translation of Chinese will always give

lol How to play the elemental dragon in League of Legends s10? This is a big change, many friends are asking, Xiao Bian brought you an introduction to the s10 elemental dragon game today! Element Canyon Is one of the biggest highlights of the S10 preseason.

IT House November 24th News Recently, the LOL mobile game group exposed more game screens of the "League of Legends" mobile game on Weibo, including the selection interface, game interface and equipment interface. You can see that the style is consistent with the end game. As you can see from the published display, League of Legends

After the lols2 season, players have opened a lot of lineups. Recently, the lineup of the Purgatory Rangers is more popular. I don't know how much you know. Interested partners will follow the Xiaobian. Lol Purgatory Ranger lineup with Raiders Lineup Stone Man, Gems, Verus, Izer Real, Ai

The League of Legends national costume is about to start qualifying. Everyone is ready to score, the new season is getting higher and higher requirements for the lineup. Do you know the perfect trigeminal turbulence? Interested friends will follow the small series to see it. Lol trigeminal flow game Raiders [perfect trident] 羁绊: 3 mad war

New hero Affiliate exposure * The new hero translation name is subject to the national costume * S9 season will end, on the occasion of the new season, the fist officially exposed the dynamics of some new heroes, this is not long after the Saina online, the official Today, the news of the next new hero has been exposed. Also updated on the official website

Many small partners play League of Legends to play other games by the way, but do not know how to window, the following small series will bring you the League of Legends window setting method! 1. After the game starts, press ctrl+esc to switch directly to the desktop. If you want to put the League of Legends

Hello everyone, I am Dr. X. Some time ago, League of Legends celebrated the 10th anniversary of the world. On this day, the fist did not know what kind of wind was drawn, and announced a number of "League of Legends" IP derivative works such as mobile games, self-propelled chess games, card games, fighting games, animation, etc. One

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] According to ESPN editor Fionn broke the news, the fist executives confirmed that the LOL World Cup will be held in the future - this is the question of when the LOL World Cup will be held instead of whether it can be held. They want to host the World Cup and want to do it.

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] If there are more and more heroes of LOL, it will inevitably fall into the sewer. At the same time as the new hero was launched on a yearly basis, the fist game did not drop this part of the hero, and some of the heroes were redone and selectively redo. Although the mouth

Guan Zeyuan: Li Ge's hand shakes moving. On the evening of November 3, G2 successfully defeated SKT in the final with a score of 3:1. This victory also created a lot of records. SKT lost twice in the BO5 competition this year, and twice went to G2.

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