This article brings you Louise Haunted House 3 Pianist Boss play, some players do not know how to play this boss, then let's take a look. The pianist played to introduce us to not go up, try to avoid the chair it controls in the early stage, and when the chair falls, there will be several dance ghosts.

This article brings you Louise Haunted House 3 double mode game introduction, double mode is one of the features of this Louise Haunted House 3, then how to play it? Let's take a look. Double mode open method Double mode is the most eye-catching point of this additional element, that is, you can play together for two!

Louis, the Mario will always live in the shadow of the green plumber, being low, although in the "Louis" series of haunted houses have a chance in power, and sales are good, but still can not change the fate of being ignored. Recently alien city will play

Julia from Ukraine, now living in London, at the age of 9 received the first Louis Vuitton luxury o. In order to change the United States, she reported, from the age of 18.

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