Zhongguancun Online News: In the current situation of all-in-one full-screen and mechanical structure full-screen, it seems that only Meizu insists on its own characteristics, and has been using a comprehensive screen design with symmetrical upper and lower left and right. But I don't know because the configuration relationship is still because of the design, Meizu's new machines this year are...

Technology from the media / Wu Junyu aesthetics is orderly, and the industrial design of mobile phone manufacturers often incorporates the personal aesthetic and philosophical thinking of the founders. A mobile phone manufacturer may design a good product for each generation, but if the design language cannot be unified, it can only show that the aesthetics of this company lack continuity.

IT home November 13 news According to Meizu official news, non-Meizu mobile version of the Meizu game center App online, non-Meizu mobile phones, computer simulators can be used. Non-Meizu mobile game center official user guide mobile phone installation download Meizu game center, click on the phone desktop after installation

Set micro-network November 8th news (text / digital control), this morning, Meizu employees issued a message revealing the Meizu offline trend store FUNN store clearance sale closed, she said: Meizu FUUN store clearance, closed last week, bid farewell According to get√

In the era of the strong and strong, the honesty may be prolonged, but not longevity. On May 15 this year, on the first anniversary of Hammer's release of TNT and Nut R1, Zhu Haizhou, product manager of the smart phone Smartisan OS, wrote on Weibo. October 31

Image source @视觉中国文|Finance and economics, the author|Yuelu Wudi to do certification, is definitely to save money. However, the certification body and the intermediary who is the certification agent are just as good at eating. Opened out that no matter which country's agency certification, the status quo in China, are agents

IT House October 28th News Recently, a Meizu mobile phone appeared in the movie "Youth of the Teenagers", whose iconic oval Home button is very conspicuous, and the ringtone in the movie is also the default ringtone of Meizu. This is the senior vice president of Meizu Technology @杨颜 Weibo responded that

When friends and businessmen bring the full screen design into the thousand yuan or even hundred yuan mobile phone market, the Meizu has become one of the last few manufacturers that have not launched a comprehensive screen phone. But in recent years, the

Unlike last year's conference, the Meizu's sense of existence seems not so strong this year. The processor is still the biggest constraints the development of mobile phone Meizu, Meizu Pro 7 MediaTek Cogen million years in the high-end market, the lack of

Unlike last year's conference, the Meizu's sense of existence seems not so strong this year. The processor is still the biggest constraints the development of mobile phone Meizu, Meizu Pro 7 MediaTek Cogen million years in the high-end market, the lack of

In the winter of 2017, it was especially cold for the Yellow chapters in the south. In January this year from the chapter in the Meizu held the 2017 annual meeting of the new year has announced a comeback for nearly a year, in the three quarter for the mo

Recently, the encounters of the Meizu are people sitting in the house, and the pot is from the sky. But the normal channel optimizes the adjustment, but has been blackened to the Meizu closed nearly 500 offline stores. Instead of closing or closing stores

Following the 2015 success, Meizu last year and this year's market performance is not good. In December 11th, Meizu issued a message, to adjust the company organizational structure and related executive positions, which is the largest in recent years the

Recently, foreign media have released the concept design map of the Meizu mobile phone. In this group of mobile phone design, mobile phone is not difficult to see that the body is very slim, full screen elements is very popular on the application. It is s

Throughout the world, every successful business has experienced peaks, lows, crises and changes. The unchangeable companies may develop smoothly, but it is always hard to achieve leaping development. Meizu, a domestic mobile phone manufacturer who has bee

All the time, the million years of the United States Department of development is the Meizu must back pot, but from this year's Meizu blue Note 6, this situation has changed. Therefore, the whole year of the whole year of the Meizu and Meizu is how to dev

As the name of the Internet once with millet mobile phone brand, Meizu has unlimited scenery, its line store has also been covered on both sides of the Changjiang River, but with nearly two years in the hardware configuration of the Meizu Meizu has been l

The day before PingWest got a play Meizu issued in December 11th "on the company's center level organizational structure adjustment and personnel appointment notice", this is the Meizu in recent years one of the biggest restructuring, with overseas busine

At the end of last year, the enmity between the Qualcomm and Meizu technology finally came to an end. The two sides announced that the two sides reached a patent license agreement on the basis of equal negotiations. It also means that the Meizu cell phone

Meizu launched a young product named Xiaolong 625 mobile platform in August this year, the charm of blue Note 6, but almost four months ago, it seems no longer has the signs of the new high pass platform. But do not worry, good food is always not afraid o

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