Next to the end of the year, another Microsoft Surface Pro was on the shelf, this time on the shelf, the LTE version of the current Surface Pro. As early as May this year, Microsoft sold a crisis, that is the upcoming version of LTE Surface Pr - ZAKER, pe

This time can be folded Surface Phone everywhere, we all like a spy, false news also seems to have bounced the emerge in an endless stream, for several years the product really is released, but Microsoft official did not said no one can determine, in this

2018 may be the opening year of folding mobile phone, ZTE had launched a ZTE Axon M dual folding mobile phone for early adopters, other companies including Samsung and Microsoft are related to patent, that is the development of intelligent mobile phone ca

Magic Leap finally launched their AR glasses. The products they displayed looked quite beautiful, if they were evaluated in the way of science fiction glasses in 1930s. But, Magic Leap is not just a commitment to another mixed reality spectacle, he - ZAKE

Do you remember the new Windows 10 Mobile mobile phone of the German manufacturer Trekstor? It is clear that it will not be on the store soon. Due to poor Indiegogo crowd raising and only 3 days left, the chance for users to get this phone is rather slim.

Sina science and technology news, December 16th noon news, in the game held in the "HAY!" 17 - infinite Wonderland "activities, Microsoft wheatgrass global chief architect, research director Zhou Li published a report entitled" emotion "and dialogue on th

Sina Technology News Beijing time in the morning of December 14th news, Microsoft is competing with other technology giants, they want to make software smarter. On Wednesday, Microsoft showed some new smart features to media representatives that could be

To ensure the unification of the local system, Microsoft launched the Windows 10 S operation system, which relies on UWP and store application operation. It is unable to execute the improved version of local RT exe Windows. In the early days of the operat

Before, Nadella had said Microsoft was building a revolutionary mobile device. However, with the gradual fall of Windows 10 Mobile, this revolutionary equipment is becoming a legend. Even so, the news that Microsoft continues to build a mobile platform is

Excel is one of the most popular Office suites, which is a tabular artifact. However, for such a long time, a dot Microsoft was finally corrected. In the latest Office build preview version 1712 (8828. - ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, local

Speaking of Microsoft, in the mobile phone business is aggravating questions. Not only let NOKIA out of the mobile phone industry for a period of time, it is put in the hands of their good cards break. But Microsoft ostentatious, recently, Microsoft plans

In the latest Windows 10 system, Microsoft has added the Cortana voice setting initialization mode, and some people feel chagrin at it and turn it off. One device is good, but imagine if it was Cor of 40 Windows 10 computers - ZAKER, personalized recommen

IT's December 7th news we previously reported that Microsoft had to abandon the development of any new features for the Windows 10 Mobile system, but will continue to maintain and update the Win10 mobile system. But some Windows 10 - ZAKER, personalized r

Since June 2015, Microsoft Surface Book series after the launch of the tablet + keyboard + graphics card connected by a hinge for integration design is one of the impressive, pluggable screen and combo form will be combined with the productivity and enter

Today at Qualcomm summit, Microsoft officially announced the first ARM Windows 10 devices, including HP and ASUS from the computer, these devices are named Always Connected PC, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, th

Desktop operating system Windows Fall Creators 10 Update release seems to contribute to win10's dominance, the statistical data provided by NetMarketShare in November, it recorded a substantial increase in data ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news,

Microsoft today officially releases Edge browsers on the iOS platform. Last month, the company launched this app for the first time, and now anyone who wants to install Microsoft browser on iPhone can use it. But don't expect iPhone X or iPad -- ZAKER, pe

Zhongguancun online news: Although Microsoft mobile terminal has the ambition is not small, but an unlucky year WP seems to really want to say goodbye to us, but it was after WP users decide on what path to follow Microsoft does not provide support for a

After being familiar with the Chrome browser, Tab is quickly popularized in desktop applications, which is much more convenient than the multiple windows of the previous IE. It has always been that Microsoft will enable global multi label in Windows 10, s

Prior to the Windows RS4 10 preview, Microsoft brings fast file sharing features similar to the macOS AirDrop Near Share, but the latter is not based on WiFI, but based on the Bluetooth connection, requires two sets of equipment in the appropriate ZAKER,

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