An investor who had contacted Zhou Capital's analysis said that due to the unsatisfactory valuation during the IPO and the continuous decline in stock prices after listing, Lei Jun and secondary market investors were dissatisfied with Zhou Capital's investment. However, some insiders of Xiaomi who are familiar with Zhou Capital said that Zhou Capital cannot leave Xiaomi, and the adjustment is a...

The source of this article is the strategy of Chinese businessmen. The author An Xiaoman has adversity and doom. A few months ago when the industry was cold, IDC said in its mobile phone market forecast report from 2019 to 2023 that global smartphone shipments will again experience negative growth this year.

The author 丨 Hikari millet mobile power 3 Super flash version is an upgraded version of the mobile power supply 3 high version, the same is 20000mAh large battery, 74Wh battery energy, the difference is that the maximum flash output of the super flash version is increased to 50W. Let's test it for everyone.

[TechWeb] was released as early as the beginning of this year, and the first 5G mobile phone of the millet, Xiaomi MIX3 5G, was launched in Europe. It has finally entered the network in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Although the release date of the 4G version has been nearly a year, the 5G version of the millet M

36 氪 was informed that on the 23rd, research institute Canalys released the European smartphone market report. According to the report, in the third quarter of this year, Xiaomi's shipments in the European market reached 5.5 million units, an increase of 73% over the same period last year; the market share increased to 10.5%, ranking fourth.

According to the Canalis report, in the third quarter of this year, Europe became the fastest growing region in the global smartphone market, with shipments growing at an annual rate of 8%, exceeding the 6% growth in the Asia Pacific region. . Samsung third season

[Introduction] Friends who pay attention to Xiaomi headphones know that their headphones products are always the people-friendly route, coupled with the sound quality, is the first choice of many users, whether it is straight-in earphones, collar headphones or true wireless headphones, each Sub-listing can attract a lot of attention. I remember that Lei always had a brick in the same year.

IT House November 22 news Today Xiaomi released the Mijia translation machine, using 4.1-inch large screen, patented 6 microphone array technology, supporting translation in 18 languages, priced at 1299 yuan, will be at 10 o'clock on November 26 Sell. Mijia

Since the second half of last year, there has been continuous news that Xiaomi is actively promoting the foldable mobile phone project, but the official release date has not yet been provided. Recently, however, the two folding mobile phone patents of Xiaomi have surfaced, one of which is a double-hinge folding mobile phone with three cameras, and the other is a class.

IT House November 21st news Tonight, Xiaomi Xiaoai’s classmates said on Weibo that the curriculum function that the student party has been expecting is coming soon. It is reported that Xiaomi MIUI announced at the end of October that the current curriculum plan has been completed, Xiao Ai classmate & calendar & intelligence

5G+AIoT= Next Generation Super Internet Image Source: Xiaomi Weibo Xiaomi will release at least 10 5G mobile phones next year. At the Xiaomi Developers Conference in 2019, Lei Jun said. In fact, this is not the first time that Lei Jun has displayed Xiaomi in 5G mobile phone cloth in public.

Old-fashioned film projectors are old objects of the last century, and many children, including those of our generation, have never seen them. Now, you can assemble an old-fashioned projector yourself and let the old objects that have disappeared in history return. November 21st news, Xiaomi has a shelf on the old-fashioned hand

IT House November 21st news Previously, it was reported that OPPO had dug a lot of engineers from Xiaomi MIUI and Meizu Flyme; yesterday, some netizens asked the official on this rumor under MIUI official microblog: MIUI engineers are not OPP

On the afternoon of November 21st, the World 5G Conference officially opened today, and Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun delivered a keynote speech at the main forum. Lei Jun said that the 5G mobile phone era is facing huge opportunities and challenges. At present, the global smart phone industry is declining, but next year, 5G mobile phones will be changed.

On October 20th, the Xiaomi 2019 Developer Conference MIUI sub-forum was held in Beijing. At the meeting, MIUI announced the strategic plan for the next two or three years, which can be roughly divided into ten unreasonable aspects. 1, smart life system MIUI will use AI method to connect hands

On the morning of November 19th, the third Xiaomi IoT Developers Conference kicked off in Beijing. With the iconic caller sound of Xiaomi's mobile phone, Lei Jun made a big stride. This is the second day of the listing of Jinshan Office A shares, the third listed company it actually controls. "From the year before, China Mobile Phone City

At the 2019 Xiaomi Developers Conference on November 19th, the company announced the Xiaomi Smart Real Estate Solution, saying it has cooperated with Zall Group, Greenland Group and Times Real Estate. It is expected to deliver 2000 suites this year. Although founder Lei Jun repeatedly said that Xiaomi will focus on the existing industry

Technology companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google all have their own developer conferences. They will announce some technical trends at the conference, which can be seen as the main way for technology companies to show their strength. As the leading technology company in China, Xiaomi will also hold its own developer conference MIDC, nowadays

At present, in many earthquake-prone areas, there will be earthquake warning functions based on mobile phone operators' broadcast or TV networks, and their existence can gain time for risk avoidance and minimize damage and loss. However, China’s development in this area still has many shortcomings, except for a few earthquake-stricken areas that have adopted limited means.

[Mobile China News] At the Xiaomi Developers Conference (MIDC 2019) held on November 19th, Cui Baoqiu, vice president of Xiaomi Group and chairman of Xiaomi Technical Committee, delivered a speech. He talked about Xiaomi MIX Alpha, which was just released recently, and introduced several cores of the machine.

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