What is the biggest pain of millet users? Certainly can not avoid the real Rice noodles advertising, play mobile phone advertising, television advertising open, set the router to see advertising, App advertising &hellip meters; … though we all know

The day before, the network exposure of a millet ecological chain's 90 travel box in 2018CES's invitation, and millet will display the latest 90 suitcases in CES on the main contents of the invitation. Millet has already launched a number of suitcases has

Millet CEO thunder army before especially stressed that there is no mobile phone company in the world can be successful after the decline, in addition to millet! Today's millet is back in the first five of the world's smartphone market after a decline. An

A friend who has a car will have such an experience. When he gets on the bus after the wet season, he will have a strange smell when he opens the air conditioner. At this time, most of them need to change the air conditioning filter element. Recently, a p

Chairman Lei Jun millet one is standing on the air: the true saying, pigs can fly, in the industry's explosive growth opportunities more difficult circumstances, it became a hot topic in the Internet industry. Whether this is true or not, but when it come

Many media say that 2016 is the first year of AR/VR, which turns out to be smart speakers in the past 17 years. This is also normal. Since it is predicted, there will be two kinds of accuracy and error. But the intelligent hardware market in 2017 is worth

In February 24, 2016, the 2016 spring new product conference was held in Beijing. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun officially released the first generation product of Xiaolong 820 processor, millet 5. Beijing News reporter Pu Feng photo of November 2011 2 - ZAKER, pers

Tomorrow (December 25th), millet will bring an intelligent new product, and it is likely to be a super large air purifier. At present, the official micro-blog has released three preheated poster, and it has been slightly forwarded by the air purge of the

Millet to be listed on the news recently speculation is too, and millet official attitude for this message is very ambiguous, neither admitted nor denied completely, but now all kinds of news are pointing millet want to IPO. The Reuters said today that th

Tencent digital news (blue) millet MIX3 has previously had the cover as being exposed on the network, but the vertical arrangement of the dual camera design is considered plagiarism iPhone X. However, employees of Xiaomi mobile ceramic back cover supplier

Nowadays, it is very common to find celebrities as spokesmen for mobile phones. The huge fans group brought by popular stars can not only help brand building, but also boost sales volume. The stars are also able to get the opportunity of exposure. As a po

In December 21st, the Hurun Institute for the first time released the unicorn index of the 2017 Hurun Great China region. The total number of Unicorn enterprises in Greater China is 120, with a total value of over 3 trillion. The list shows that ant gold

Tencent digital news (blue) although millet 5X published less than half a year, but now the network has been upgraded product news. The day before, there are users in the micro-blog sun on a set of protection spy millet 6X, the body looks seem more slende

Millet rice family officially shared this Thanksgiving season high praise of super high explosive products, everyone to look at it. The list is the millet mobile power 10000mAh high version, the original price of 149 yuan, down 20 yuan cash coupon arrived

Near the end of the year, millet launched a crazy promotion, not only millet mall, commodity mall no way of price cuts, even millet ecological chain also followed the usher in Thanksgiving return activities. This morning 8 o'clock, Jingdong millet ecologi

Today's millet is more than a mobile phone company, more like a department store. And millet is still expanding its new products. With the rapid expansion of the millet home in the country, more people are now willing to walk into the millet home and buy

Recently, the packaging box of MI Jia induction cooker has been exposed on the Internet. It has the Logo of Xiaomi and Mi Jia. The appearance of the induction cooker is round, and the shape continues the minimalist design of MI Jia. According to the lates

With the emergence of the first generation MIX concept mobile phone, millet will formally bring the comprehensive screen concept into the industry. Over the past year, the full screen mobile phone has become popular, which makes it curious. When will mill

Do not know what time from the beginning, we silently with the cup, and in a few global medlar...... in order to save the midlife crisis, millet brand: m home before the launch of the first batch of 90 after the first insulation Cup: m home insulation cup

Today is the first day of millet Thanksgiving season activities, many had already received Rice noodles 100 yuan cash coupon millet official issued coupons, the biggest feature is the mall without threshold, that is to say only freight can be one hundred

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