In the ideal comprehensive screen, in October 2016, Xiaomi launched the concept of full screen in its new product conference, which was originally used to snipe Samsung Apple's occupying concept, but with the mix concept machine. Originally expected entru

If I want to find a endorsement word for the mobile phone market in 2017, I don't think it's a comprehensive screen. Many new machines released this year will be embarrassed to come out without mentioning the design of a comprehensive screen. However, the

Last night, @ millet company administrative micro-blog released a notice that the event will be announced today, and is the ultimate reward of the most unique millet annual There was no parallel in history.... Indeed, today morning 10:00 millet official a

In all of the domestic mobile phone official outlets, the most elegant style of millet. Walk into other vendors' Direct stores, you will feel all kinds of smart phones, and enter millet house, we are like entering a household appliance department store. I

In November 2nd, millet in India issued a thousand yuan new machine red rice Y1 and red rice Y1 Lite. In fact, these two new models corresponding to the state line version of the red rice Note5A high and the Standard Version, appearance design and configu

2017 is unusual for Xiaomi. They not only hit the bottom this year but also embarked on the road of rapid growth. Smartphone sales are also rising. Since September, the number of mobile phone shipments has broken through 10 million units for three months

Data picture: the production line of the millet India factory. The media said millet, a Chinese smartphone maker, suggests that it plans to make electric cars. At present, science and technology groups have increasingly regarded cars as the next generatio

IT home message sent yesterday in the December 14th Lei internal letter said, will be issued 100 thousand postcards in the new year this year, mainly to thank Rice noodles always, these postcards will be millet staff wrote a random distribution, perhaps c

In the past few days, Qualcomm Xiaolong summit, in addition to the new generation flagship processor Xiaolong 845 chip released, as the only mobile phone manufacturer, Lei Jun also took the opportunity to show that the future of millet mobile phone busine

In December 7th, millet held a new release conference in Beijing. It officially released 5 red rice and 5 Plus of red rice. With the release of these two mobile phones, the total model of the red rice series has also reached 20. Last night, millet officia

In December 11th, the "Changsha headline" list sent out such a micro-blog. ] November 23rd morning, in the area of E square in the city of Huang Xing Tianxin Faye appeared at the door with a malicious mobile phone shop smashed shop event. According to the

Millet company chairman, CEO Lei Jun 12 issued an internal letter, announcing a small range of organizational structure adjustment and personnel appointments. Originally belonging to the millet Internet of things (MIOT) team, the mica products team indepe

The neighborhood products of MI Jia's shelves have been loved by many people, especially my personal recognition of MI Jia's products. The most obvious feature is its simplicity. Today, MI Jia has recently launched a thermos cup, which sells for 99 yuan.

There has been a rumor that millet will carry out IPO next year, and the valuation in rumor also increased from 50 billion US dollars to 100 billion US dollars. Although Lei Jun did not say anything about it, we knew that it would be sooner or later. But

Speaking of the family of millet, you should think of the wood table and the beautiful rice in the first time. All the millet mobile phones in the store are all displayed in the eye - catching position, and the customers can experience it casually. But th

With the middle-aged greasy male word fire all over the network, red jujube wolfberry insulation Cup three key words seem to be pushed into the wind and waves. A lot of 80 and 90s are also beginning to get these articles in the circle of friends and be ma

Let's tell a little story first. Economics we translated as "economics", this is our translation to Japan to learn, because we actually at the end of the nineteenth Century to the western learning process, because English is too small, so many people are

The annual double 12 promotions are coming soon. Although the activity is not as attractive as the two 11, many businesses still offer more favorable prices than usual. Xiaomi family official announced today's double 12 promotional activities, including:

After the beginning of this year has just released millet millet 6, followed in September and released the latest flagship tablet Note 3 mobile phone millet, millet and 6 with similar dual camera design and Qualcomm SDM660 chipset of his momentum swept, i

Amazon launched Amazon Go unmanned stores last year. Apart from customers' no need to check out, to buy away and to avoid the pain of customers queuing, Amazon Go has almost no difference from ordinary retail stores. Its products are also basically in lin

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