Text / The Heart of the Machine The editorial department of Tencent King Honor's artificial intelligence "Perception" is finally published. In the research test, AI also played Luna and top players in the heads-up win of 3: 0. After Go was defeated, the multiplayer online tactical competitive game (MOBA) has become a cutting-edge artificial test

No regrets for youth, the journey begins again! As 2019 approaches the end of the year, "British Soul Pocket Edition" is celebrating its third birthday. In this year, the "British Soul Blade Pocket Edition" has grown rapidly, enriched and improved the gameplay, released the first exclusive battle song of the British Soul Blade, and also strongly linked with the bloody country "Soul Street"

Mechanical girl, seeking freedom. These days, a strange unexpected visitor has come from the shopping street. She has cute twin pony tails, and has an enviable wealth. No one knows where the jumping sister came from, just remembering that she seemed to be looking for a dog named Tomato. Today, "Decisive Battle! "Peking Capital" jump

How to do the skills of MOBA game design in order to allow players to enter the pit? This needs to be implanted in the minds of the players in the feedback mechanism can be achieved, it may be some planning will be curious about what is the feedback stack

Held in South Korea last year's GStar 2016 game show, the Korean game maker Netmarble brought their latest film "Star Wars: force arena". It is reported that this is a "Star Wars" based on the Star Wars theme Mobile Games, reduction of the Department of s

To contribute millions of net royalties, author Roberts peony, please do not reprint without authorization! Beijing time on December 2, 2016, the game industry Oscar TGA curtain. The best strategy game of the year, Demel, has just been on sale for less th

The 2016 is over, have doubled their journal articles, actually found in the kernel has Sihun submission for a year, every year I will write a summary, is actually a running account. In fact, I was not sure whether this machine fits in the nucleus, becaus

Lead: do not know if you still remember the Middle Ages to the E3 this year released Ubisoft as the background of the third person action game "MOBA" (For Honor) glory fighting spirit, by virtue of its excellent online multiplayer operating handle and the

Horizontal version of Nexon's MOBA "Chaowei universe" yesterday was updated, and launched two new heroes Kuluba and hate. In addition, in December 8th, the game will be on the line a new role: American Boxer Lewis. Chief Kurumba is a good war - ZAKER, per

Developer Motiga recently announced that its flagship 5V5 against the third person action MOBA "battle of the giants (Gigantic)", will open beta in North America and Europe in December 8th. "Monster" support PC, Xbox war O ZAKER, personalized recommendati

In 2016, electronic education has become a major social issue, with the confirmation of professional gaming related universities, E-sports finally completed the transition from the aspects of great scourges, the highest institution of the people in good t

After two years of development, MOBA game has become one of the most popular hand travel market game type. With the fierce confrontation and competition to the game player in the physical, psychological and other aspects of pleasure, and a strong interact

After the play hall has been reported by the independent game development team Omnidrone development MOBA Titan Brawl Mobile Games "Titan" battle in July the Android version of the test, and in September the iOS version of the test news, now the game has

In recent years, competition has gradually been accepted by the public, the industry also developed rapidly, in PC gaming

1chinajoy2016 Tencent to participate in the big as back to the top of the 2016 Entertainment

MOBA type game is currently in the rapid development of mobile platforms, the recent game developers M

Recently, "the king of fighters 14" the demo has been in various PSN service officially added, though

I understand that this game comeback point many, if not negative, you can call me.

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