On September 13th, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo arrived in, home of prime minister Modi of India, for a 3 day visit to india. Walked down the ramp, modi bear Baoyou Pumianerlai: some devices cannot play video please click here to watch why want to s

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with India Prime Minister Modi in Xiamen on 5 June to attend the ninth meeting of BRICs leaders and the dialogue between emerging market countries and developing countries. Xi Jinping stressed that China and India are impo

India has repeatedly drawn on its helpers, especially the support of big powers, in an attempt to suppress China, but the fact is that modi's wish has failed. There is no doubt that China long hole area territory, this is all 60 years of common recognitio

India's prime minister modi [global network reporter Ren Meizi], according to the "India times" on August 15th news, Prime Minister of India Modi day in New Delhi to celebrate the independence of India 70th anniversary activities speech. In his speech, Mo

Overseas network on 11 August, August 10th local time, Prime Minister Modi of India through its official micro-blog account, issued a document on the expression of condolences to the victims of the earthquake in Sichuan, said the people of India for the f

India New Delhi television station in June 13th article, the original title: Modi at the two summit of Chinese policy has undergone rapid change at first, modi China boycott leaders in May hosted The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum, even sig

India's prime minister Narendra modi · the end of the month will run for two years. upper

Japanese media published an article entitled India blocked China's ambition

Japanese media published an article entitled India blocked China's ambition

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