This is an unimaginable murder, but it really happens to us. Recently, the police revealed the details of the case. In September 16th this year, occurred in Jinxian Nanchang County woman falls to death in Jiangxi Province, her husband Chen Moumou after th

In November 20th, the reporter received the Nanchang citizen Xiong reflect, the New District of Nanchang is a primary school son, was hit by the head of the classmate grandmother, causing injury. In this regard, the reporters were interviewed. Reflect: th

Pengci is not what happens, but like them, for the sake of realistic effects, gang members at knocking off the clavicle, it is rare! This group of pengci Gang dragged the injured body, in the city of Nanchang high tech Zone, New District, Nanchang County

11 7 April morning there was a very sad thing in Nanchang Chang Dong Avenue, a car traveling in the car to a puppy dog while struggling to catch up or can not run faster than the bus so we can only be dragged all the way according to friends broke the new

111 month 5 days at 12 o'clock, a reflection of the people, they accidentally discovered a suspected tomb, there is also a well preserved mummy! What's on the scene? Let's go and see. Reporters rushed to the scene of city Chang Dong Zhen Yang Men Cun, Nan

Recently, many netizens posting said, is located in Jiangxi Nanchang a Yuzhang academy school quit addiction problems of corporal punishment, imprisonment, violence training, event triggered a lot of attention to the public. On the evening of October 30th

Grandson go to college in Nanchang for more than a month in Hunan Xiangtan 80 year old grandmother thought the Dragon sun actually eager to quietly telling his family by bus to Shaoshan south train station with a grandson to eat food ready to take the hig

Xun Zhou, Jiangnan metropolis media reporter Li Qiao photography reported: October 22nd, Jiangxi four high-speed traffic police detachment directly under the brigade police patrol in the Shanghai Kunming Expressway in Xinyu section, found two Russian tour

Liu Wenzhi, Jiangnan metropolis media reporter Li Qiao photography reported: October 21st at 10 pm, a wine driver was traveling to Nanchang the most prosperous areas, see the traffic police post inventory, actually does not open the door, come up with cro

On October 19th, in Jiangxi, Nanchang, a girl was waiting for a bus to do her physics homework at the bus stop. She continued her homework after she got on the bus. Then see an old man on the train, female students want to seat, the old man declined, call

Nanchang farmer Zhang Shoubao grafted a magical tree, a tree grows on the 14 kinds of fruit, pomelo, citrus, sugar orange, citrus and so on. He said, the original will not grafting, are learning from TV fruit trees: who am I - ZAKER, personalized recommen

Beard, pattern clear arrhizus clear sleeve … … October 15th, reporters in the town of Nanchang city Jingdong, 81 year old Liu Jifu home to see more than 2.2 meters high, 1.8 meters wide of the paper-cut works of Confucius, Confucius's image

Beijing, Beijing in September 21, the client (Tang Qi) today, the national railway will implement a new train diagram, the transfer plan, the national railway will usher in the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival passenger traffic on the test, a numb

She is a hard gardener, but also a kind mother. Recently, in Nanchang, Xihu District, a bustling community. Surrounded by flowers, the 88 year old retired teacher Zhu Wenlan and students celebrate their thirty-third teachers' day. (from the field to the t

At noon on August 30th, the Gulf of Nanchang forest farm of Changling in a paragliding project base was an accident due to wind mutation, a young man is on the way to parachute umbrella is hanging in a tree on the mountain. Fortunately, the fire officers

28, around eight in the morning Nanchang Shenzhen agricultural products wholesale market has the unfortunate thing a man was killed. The man surnamed Hu watermelon fruit retailers of Qingshan Lake area in Nanchang today at 6 in the morning the couple open

Lv Le is a 16 year old girl in Jiangxi, Nanchang County, in this year's college entrance examination, she 687 points in Science (bare of 657 points, led by Tsinghua University, get 30 points) score was admitted to Tsinghua University. It is worth mentioni

Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Jin Lu. Media reports: following the August 11th in the afternoon on the day as night scene, the evening of August 11th, Nanchang suffered another fierce convective invasion, lightning split the night sky, bursts of thun

When Bayi Nanchang uprising meets the two dimension, what kind of sparks will collide? The Nanchang uprising army and the upcoming 90th anniversary, by the Nanchang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Nanchang Internet Information Office

The weather is hot, the more we have to work, because of better quality that out of the shop, touch on the viaduct, the thief uncomfortable, in addition to hot asphalt, nowhere to spoil the feet, a pair of shoes &hellip every week; … Nanchang city

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