Nanchang farmer Zhang Shoubao grafted a magical tree, a tree grows on the 14 kinds of fruit, pomelo, citrus, sugar orange, citrus and so on. He said, the original will not grafting, are learning from TV fruit trees: who am I - ZAKER, personalized recommen

Beard, pattern clear arrhizus clear sleeve … … October 15th, reporters in the town of Nanchang city Jingdong, 81 year old Liu Jifu home to see more than 2.2 meters high, 1.8 meters wide of the paper-cut works of Confucius, Confucius's image

Beijing, Beijing in September 21, the client (Tang Qi) today, the national railway will implement a new train diagram, the transfer plan, the national railway will usher in the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival passenger traffic on the test, a numb

She is a hard gardener, but also a kind mother. Recently, in Nanchang, Xihu District, a bustling community. Surrounded by flowers, the 88 year old retired teacher Zhu Wenlan and students celebrate their thirty-third teachers' day. (from the field to the t

At noon on August 30th, the Gulf of Nanchang forest farm of Changling in a paragliding project base was an accident due to wind mutation, a young man is on the way to parachute umbrella is hanging in a tree on the mountain. Fortunately, the fire officers

28, around eight in the morning Nanchang Shenzhen agricultural products wholesale market has the unfortunate thing a man was killed. The man surnamed Hu watermelon fruit retailers of Qingshan Lake area in Nanchang today at 6 in the morning the couple open

Lv Le is a 16 year old girl in Jiangxi, Nanchang County, in this year's college entrance examination, she 687 points in Science (bare of 657 points, led by Tsinghua University, get 30 points) score was admitted to Tsinghua University. It is worth mentioni

Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Jin Lu. Media reports: following the August 11th in the afternoon on the day as night scene, the evening of August 11th, Nanchang suffered another fierce convective invasion, lightning split the night sky, bursts of thun

When Bayi Nanchang uprising meets the two dimension, what kind of sparks will collide? The Nanchang uprising army and the upcoming 90th anniversary, by the Nanchang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Nanchang Internet Information Office

The weather is hot, the more we have to work, because of better quality that out of the shop, touch on the viaduct, the thief uncomfortable, in addition to hot asphalt, nowhere to spoil the feet, a pair of shoes &hellip every week; … Nanchang city

The classroom teacher discovered barefoot. In June 23rd, a barefoot teachers to students in class photos on the web scraper, can be seen in this group of pictures, a male teacher, bare feet, trousers rolled up to his knees, standing on the podium to talk

In June 7th, the first day of the national college entrance examination, although the textual research not only indicated the examination point, the school, but also wrote the detailed examination site detailed address. But there are also individual candi

Faith - he Jiesheng star 90 years ago that the extraordinary summer, my father He Long and many days after he become a close ally of the uncle uncle, at the critical moment of the China from all sides gather in Nanchang to decide on what path to follow, a

On the morning of May 6th, in order to meet the 90 anniversary of the founding of the army and celebrate the birth of the Navy for the past 68 years, the people's Navy flag global transfer activities in Central China Jiangxi station launching ceremony hel

Recently, a public number for the investigation of the cemetery in Nanchang, the survey found that the cheapest cemetery price of 6000~50000 yuan in Nanchang, while the majority of ordinary cemetery cemetery price of 20 thousand ~6 yuan. For the survey re

Please enter the title bcdef may have made a mistake, perhaps afraid of the teacher, the child hid under the table. Can teacher Wu seems to be residual gas has not disappeared, and a book will fall in the child's forehead. Please enter the title ABCDEFG t

Please enter the title bcdef may have made a mistake, perhaps afraid of the teacher, the child hid under the table. Can teacher Wu seems to be residual gas has not disappeared, and a book will fall in the child's forehead. Please enter the title ABCDEFG t

Friends to the politics of Jiangxi column report, the user said: Recently, Han Han was pleased to meet you in the restaurant opened in Nanchang, Tongluowan square, as a loyal fan of Han Han, he also went to experience a. However, this is the experience, s

In Nanchang, there are some people who always surprise you! Work! Team! Remember in December 18th last year, the construction team in the spectral region near the North Yingbin Road, Qingyun demartological hospital site found an ancient tomb of Ming dynas

Reporter Yang Yang, intern Tu Yongbo, Li Xianyu photo coverage: in January 12th, a car has not see the shape of the BMW car paralysis in the Nanchang River International Garden District underground parking lot, the night before, the owner drove to the und

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